Should Young Children Be Allowed to Have Cell Phones?

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The modern technologies provide us with a tremendous variety of common, as well as some unbelievable options and conveniences. Notwithstanding, many people argue on the potential harm from those technologies. Are they really safe? It is quite possible that there is a lot of damage to both physical and psychological health of those who use them. Children are especially vulnerable to the effects of modern devices, including cell phones.

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Wal-Mart versus Mom and Pop: How Can a Small Store Survive?

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“Small business if a backbone of our economy” – might be one of the most popular phrases that politicians say. It gets them voters quite easily, because since the very young age we are taught how much importance does the small business have in our economy. A significant part of the population is small business owners. Stores, shops, workshops, etc., pass from a generation to generation for hundreds of years. This is how this economy works; this is how everything functions. However, sometimes small business turn into bigger ones. These bigger ones merge with others to create multimillionaire corporations that begin to dominate the market. What problems does it create?

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