What Is Fracking? Is Fracking Worth the Risks?

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We live in the world, that need a lot of energy to run. The non-renewable energy sources are becoming harder and harder to harvest and the scientists of the whole world are trying to find the most effective ways of utilizing renewable energy. However, at the same time, others have been working on improving existing techniques and they have reached quite noticeable success with the hydraulic fracturing technology.

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Should teachers be allowed to have cell phones in the classroom?

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It goes without saying that using a phone during lessons should be prohibited for students. Modern smartphones are disrupting studying process in many ways, starting from being a versatile tool for cheating to becoming the main distraction factor for the whole classroom. Thus limitations of the smartphone usage during lessons are justified (The Atlantic, 2012). But is this statement also fair for the teachers?

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How Did Trains and Railroads Change Life in America?

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The history of the human civilization knows numerous inventions that rapidly changed the life of an entire country, definite regions or world in whole. The history of the United States of America is rich in all sorts of events. One of the most important and decisive was the implementation of railroads. This innovation known as “train” became a real miracle for the time of its creation and has a huge impact on the life of the current U.S. society. These changes should be reviewed in greater details.

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Problem Focused Coping to Overcome Various Stressful Events

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Life of each human being is always accompanied by stress. There are different kinds of stress and some of them may really surprise you. For instance, if you get married and are really happy it still counts as a kind of stress. Though it is a pleasure and happiness, you live through a huge emotional upheaval. Therefore, all events bring emotional changes that reflect on our mood. Life is stressing itself and it is necessary to learn the problem focused coping strategies in order to remain stable.

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