American and European Styles of Communication

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Communication style depends on the culture. The way people communicate is related to behavior that is common and familiar in their region. That’s why you can look weird and hardly accepted if you behave unlike any other people around you. Lots of facts influence why people act this or that way. Traditions, upbringing, the way of thinking can be rather different between Americans and Europeans.

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Why Travelling Is the Best Way to Change Your Life

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If you have once left your home, you will never be back. Someone, who utterly resembles you, will come instead. Each time you go, someone different returns. This idea does not belong to me: I have met it in a book of Max Frei, a fantasy genre author. But I consider it as the truth since it describes my own attitude to travelling and metamorphoses it causes in people.

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Romeo and Juliet

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Love is one of the most debated topics, which raises frequently on the pages of the most popular works of literature. Every famous writer was trying to find the answer to the question “What is love?” at least ones in a lifetime. There are many writers, who use this question as the leitmotiv of their entire creative activity. Nowadays, no one can answer this question staying completely sure of own rightness. Besides, everyone sees this phenomenon in his own way, depending on personal moral principles and feelings.

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Elon Musk’s Human 2.0 Initiative

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Artificial intelligence has recently become of the main issues on the agenda of numerous world famous developers. Once being implemented by a few of most powerful world companies, including Google, artificial intelligence issue remains a highly debated question since most of the people think it may change the entire history of humanity. While some people predict the AI development will wipe out all human race, most of the philosophers, scientists, and activists afraid of human society to become obsolete as a result of rapid development of artificial intelligence industry.

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The Best Fighting Games on PC

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No matter an adult or a child, a boy or a girl, a geek or not, one thing is true for everyone – we all love gaming. It’s such an amazing way to relax that we simply get back to it again and again. Sometimes we play for great stories, choosing adventures or role-playing games. Sometimes we need a challenge, so we go for strategy and logical games. It happens that we need to feel reckless by playing some racing games. And sometimes… well sometimes we want to punch an opponent until our certain and undeniable victory. It’s true, punching people is quite relaxing. In a game, of course. Here are the best fighting games that PC has ever seen.

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