The Benefits of Discoveries Made as a Result of Space Travel

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Space travel and exploration of space have brought much new in the life of humankind, both negative as well as positive. Many speak now about significant disadvantages of space exploration program; drawbacks are so significant that sometimes we may come to the thought that this is not just a waste of money but a harmful waste of money. High costs and pollution increase are just the gravest to name.

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The History of Smoking Bans

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Laws which ban smoking in public places including squares, parks, public transport, restaurants and so on are called anti-smoking laws. Is the influence of smoking bans of health positive or negative? Let’s make it clear!

In March 2006, the Scottish law prohibited smoking in buildings so that all those who do not smoke would be protected from damaging effects of passive smoking.

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The Economic Boom in China in the 21st Century

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Chinese Economic Boom Analytical Essay Sample

China is a country with what might be the longest history among all the others. Since the dawn of humanity, people have lived in China. Some of the earliest civilizations originated here, lots of inventions were created here. For most of the history, a certain dynasty would be in charge of China. Emperors would change one another, sometime quite peacefully, sometimes resulting in lots and lots of bloodshed. However, dynastical period would come to an end in an early 20th century. After a long power-struggle, communist would come to power in China, with Mao Zedong as their leader.

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