Teenagers: A Threat to Adults

Teenagers: A Threat to Adults

The acts of violence are widely spread throughout the world. This is the inevitable part of the human history for all times. The current society is no exception. Unfortunately, different kinds of violence happen each day in every corner of the globe. In most cases, they are committed by the grownups.

Nevertheless, there are multiple cases when teenagers become a real threat to adults.

Due to many cases of brute force from the side of younger generations, modern society disputes about the question of dangerous behavior of teenagers towards adults. Does such problem really exist? What are the factors that lead to it? What are the consequences? It is necessary to have a closer look at these vital questions.

Commonly, we rely on a popular role model when younger generations listen and follow the directions of the older ones. This model seems to be pretty fair and reasonable. The grownups have more life experience and knowledge about life and can teach the youngster how to live and make choices.

Nevertheless, the practice shows that there is no perfect or ideal role model. Each time you will find an opposition from those who don’t wish to obey. This is one of the factors that induce violence amongst teens towards adults.

Violence towards adults induced by teenagers is even more conventional than some people might think. Each person has rights to safety and respect. Parents are no exception. Oftentimes, they become the targets of the rude and cruel behavior of their own children. Moreover, some teens become a threat towards other adults.

The conflict of generations is the major reason why there appear different kinds of confrontations. Some young people are too abusive and violent. They hate being ordered to do something or they simply adore opposition. Amongst other factors may be the cruel behavior of adults towards youngsters, poor educational level, inappropriate parenting, dangerous or criminal environment and so on.

As the result, teenagers undergo a conflict, which can develop into a real threat. The worsening of relationships amongst teens and adults may begin with swearing, calling names, yelling or spitting. Afterward, the confrontation may get physical consequences, such as pushes, kicks, throwing things and end with great physical harm, which may negatively affect the health of the assaulted individuals.

What is there to do? Of course, some people would simply answer back in the same manner. In other words, they would meet violence with violence. However, all of us plainly understand that this is the worst way out and there is a huge need for finding compromises. It is necessary to prevent any kinds of threats and violence.

Here some crucial points one should consider when preventing confrontation:

  • set reasonable and fair restrictions;
  • show possible consequences of the wrong deeds;
  • learn all potential triggers that lead to violence;
  • improve and maintain relationships;
  • consider your own behavior;
  • teach teens to control their feelings and emotions.

Many people are amazed when they hear that teens become a threat to adults. It seems so absurd. Probably, teenagers may have the upper hand only if adults allow that. Some may be too soft when dealing with teens’ behavior. The other may be too weak to oppose teens. There are some other factors as well. At any rate, the prevention of such cases is the major priority.

It is necessary to find fair compromises with teens, teach them to manage their feelings, maintain self-control, teach moral aspects, develop their cultural knowledge and enrich teens’ life experience. Remember that the best war is the one that never happened.


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