Personal statement essay

What is a personal statement essay?

A personal statement is an essay about your background, goals and experiences in life. It is often assigned when you want to enter a college or university. You need to remember that it is probably the most important part of your application process. Among a large number of applicants that apply with the similar grades, your essay can distinguish you, give you considerable advantage or on the contrary make you fail the application process.

What is the difference between strong and weak personal statement? The difference can be in everything:

-in writing style;

-in the use of poor or well written sentences;

-boring or engaging manner of writing;

-good or bad grammar and punctuation;

-general or peculiar statements or facts;

-professionalism of the writer.

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Academic writing is not an easy process. Someone can be quite good at that and the others not. Some students can write an essay in 1 hour or so, but the others will need a lot of efforts, self-motivation and concentration in order just to start writing an essay.

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Essay writing can take your precious time from:

-spending enough time with your family and friends;

-devoting your time for personal hobbies;

-making your own project;

-part-time working;

-learning something new and interesting for you;

-participating in some events;

-taking part in the activities of a favorite club or organization.

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How to write a personal statement essay?

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