Great Gatsby Essay

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-American history with its gap between rich and poor;

-justice and power;

-greed and betrayal;

-but mostly about American dream.

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An essay on The Great Gatsby: how can it be perfect?

You can think of such assignment also as “what makes Gatsby great” essay. A lot of people struggle to realize their American dream, but not all of them possess enough of patience, personal skills and will to become as great as we see Gatsby was. The task to describe the development of personality, inner feelings and hidden desires of the person is not an easy one. Though, our professional writers are able to:

-portray the outstanding Gatsby's personality;

-speak about the qualities that brought him to richness and success;

-analyze the main issues of the society of that times;

-describe the tragic consequences of careless human behavior;

-weight the values of high class community from the honest point of view;

-demonstrate the wish of many people to reach a lot in their lives on the example of Gatsby;

-stress on the fact that inner wish of the person can open the road in front of him or her in spite of all the difficulties and hardships that can be met on that way;

-show how strong and weak the people can be depending on the situation, etc.

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