The types of knowledge management

types of knowledge management

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The Disintegration And The Persistence of Memory: Two Facets of the Time

The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory

Salvador Dali behaved boldly, provocatively, paradoxically, disrespectfully with all those ideas, principles, values and people whom he dealt with. The family, rules of decency, political forces, the old masters’ paintings – everything was attacked by his sharp word and brush. He brought the ideas of the surrealism to the extreme point. From this point, everything traditional like faith, morality, and sound mind does not look reasonable, and vice versa, they become a synonym of deception and lethargy.

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Sick Around the World Comparative Essay Sample

Sick Around the World

We used to think that everything is fine in the United States: salaries are high, science is developed, the films are cool. But their health care is terribly inefficient when compared with other developed countries. Only because of medical errors annually 210 thousand people die. All these medical issues have been presented in the famous film “Sick around the world” thanks to the correspondent T.D.Reid who did a great job trying to answer the question “How much does it cost to be healthy in other countries with the developed economies?”

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Great Railroad Strike of 1877 – It Was Just the Start

Great Railroad Strike Essay

Strikes aren’t organized without any reason. The great railroad strike of 1877 was just the start, though a very powerful start. Then followed the great railroad strike of 1878, though it was not so great anymore and was suppressed brutally. There was a possibility, that the next strike could come in the history as the great railroad strike of 1879, but at that time the crisis, was almost at the end, and the number of strikes increased so much that no one could be considered as a great one.

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Crime Control Model: Top Features and Spheres of Usage

Crime Control Model Essay

Once analyzing crime control model, it cannot be estimated without a proper analysis of the due process model. These two models must be compared in order to distinguish their main benefits and examine the importance of crime control model. Both models have long ago reached its popularity in the United States and worldwide, thus now they remain the most used models starting from the 1960’s.

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