5 Paragraph Essay

Are you ready to write 5 paragraph essay yourself?

The 5 paragraph essay can often be assigned to the students. It is considered to be concise and logical way to train the students to develop their ideas in a written assignment. All parts of the paper should be naturally connected to the essay question.

There are some advantages if you decide to write a 5 paragraph essay yourself, but from another hand you can face some difficulties on any stage of your writing. There are a lot of students who started writing such essay and got stuck in the middle, or sometimes even at the end or the very beginning. When you get stuck, it takes not only your time, but nerves sometimes, as well as influences on your mood and further motivation.

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What's so special about 5 paragraph essay structure?

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1 The introductory paragraph with a proper thesis and short version of the outline that tells about the main points of the essay;

2 The first body paragraph that contains the main idea, the strongest argument with specific examples and details;

3 The second body paragraph that contains the second strongest argument, the following idea, example, illustration or other evidence with topic sentence, reverse hook and proper transition to the next paragraph;

4 The third body paragraph that explains the weakest argument presented or the idea that is opposite to the thesis;

5 The concluding paragraph that logically restates the thesis statement, summarizes all the main arguments and ideas as well as includes powerful final thought that should stay in the memory of the readers.

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