What Was Life Like for a Gladiator?

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According to the records of ancient times, the initial gladiator games were held in the year 264 BC. As stated in the research article named The Roman Gladiator, they were primarily introduced to honor spirits of the dead and propitiate them with blood offerings. It is currently known that the games were majorly financed by noble families in the times of republic. It was both privilege and responsibility for a family to own a gladiator: a winner brought his master a country-wide fame, while a loser sullied a family’s good name.

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How do GPS systems work?

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One of the most highly used systems of locating, the well-known GPS or Global Positioning System, is an advanced complex of modern satellites that orbit the Earth. The mechanism of the system operating includes constant transmission of signals sent by satellites to ground monitoring stations, which maintain GPS operations. Special GPS receivers detect all sent signals. Moreover, with such receivers, it is easy to calculate any requested location. This technology allows people going on long trips without any need to contact other people for a trip map since GPS system provides accurate location of every required place on the map.

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