Do Video Games Promote Violence?

Amongst a great variety of factors why people become aggressive is the influence of video games. There is a strong belief that they have a direct link to the development of aggressiveness in people. Is that really so? Let’s make allowances for definite points.

Violence is the common issue of all societies all over the globe. It has many kinds and exists in various forms. There are many factors that make people undertake acts of violence. The consequences are various as well. Some are purely mental. The others have a physical form, which may end up with severe physical damage to people and animals.

One of the most important keys that can possibly resolve the issue of violence is to determine the reasons that make people more aggressive and thus, induces dangers for those peaceful individuals who surround them. When do we become aggressive? What are the major factors? These questions are of great importance and may possibly give us solutions.

Many people will agree with a statement that everything begins since our childhood. The formation of our personality begins from the earliest days of our life and has a huge impact on the future. Therefore, many people give special heed to children. Thanks to the growth of popularity of video games, the society became worried concerning their influence on the growing generations. In the meanwhile, some people become aggressive only when they become adult. Probably, videogames have the same effects for youngsters, as well as for the grownups.

The American Psychological Association (APA) conducted multiple studies concerning the influence of video games on the behavior of people. The results are really interesting.

It is hard to determine the age when we become aggressive. Therefore, the studies interviewed and observed people of all ages. It was found out that many gamers are predisposed to being more aggressive and violent than other people (of course, if they play violent games). Nevertheless, one cannot claim with the 100% precision that this is the strongest and most important factor.

Science is based on studying, analyzing and explaining facts. The confident outcomes can be released after the precise determination of this or that issue. Accordingly, gamers are not obligatorily violent. This is only one of the major factors that induce the cruel behavior.

The scholars identify four major contributors to the development of the violent behavior. These are as follows:

  • People have been abused or bullied.
  • People have mental ailments and disorders.
  • People get isolated socially and lock themselves up.
  • People play video games that promote violence.

As you can see, playing violent video games is only one of the reasons why people get overly aggressive and undergo a different form of crimes and inappropriate behavior.

According to the results of various studies, the scholars have come to a firm conclusion that violent games make people who play them crueler. It is understood that all those horrible scenes in the game picture in our consciousness and may provoke aggressiveness and cruelty. Nevertheless, many gamers are not aggressive at all. The science is not absolutely confident that all people would surely become aggressors.

There are too many other factors that determine the human behavior. Accordingly, one should not blame video games that the rate of violence constantly increases. At the same time, some games really do promote violence, and this has obvious effects for those who play them. It is essential to control this matter and limit the time spent for playing such sort of games. People who play violent video games would more likely become crueler than those who don’t play them.


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