Your complete Turabian citation guide

Turabian Citation

The Turabian citation style was developed by Kate Turabian for all students, and she was the woman who has worked as a dissertation secretary in the University of Chicago for many years. It’s a sub-style based on Chicago format writing. Nowadays, Turabian format guidelines are used by students for most historical papers and some other academic disciplines. It was developed to help students.

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The basics of social penetration theory

Social Penetration Theory

Social penetration theory was developed by Taylor and Altman in 1973. It offers a general approach to the interpersonal attractions that look at the development of different interpersonal relationships, including close friendships. It considers this process systematic and gradual. Besides, the theory looks at how any friendship moves from the superficial and peripheral levels of exchange to becoming intimate friends. The development of all relationships is affected by key factors. They include costs, personality, and situational factors. This means that when actual and future outcomes are quite favorable, a friendship is more likely to develop to its deeper levels.

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The best rhetorical analysis topics list

Rhetorical Analysis

Writing a rhetorical analysis may seem daunting to students. They face many relevant issues, including the inability to choose suitable and interesting rhetorical analysis essay topics. You can easily solve all problems if you know what this type of academic writing is and how to find excellent rhetorical analysis topics. The main point is that rhetorical papers are different from others. Your personal viewpoint still matters, but you need to form it based on strict analysis rules and avoid inconvenient ideas.

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Analyzing themes and literary devices in My Papa’s Waltz

My Papa's Waltz

Some readers can easily form their negative opinion after reading My Papa’s Waltz, the poem written by Theodore Roethke. After paying attention to specific words in it, it becomes clear why this reaction is often evoked in the audience. Make your further analysis and use critical thinking skills. This simple step will let you understand its true meaning.

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Important themes in Let America Be America Again

Let America Be America Again

Let America Be America Again is the interesting and well-known poem written by Langston Hughes, and its basic theme is the American dream. It’s all about equality and freedom for all people. The poem talks about a path towards achieving this goal and criticizes the life in America because it’s unfair to minority groups and poor people. The author succeeded to paint a vivid and clear picture of the depressed country in the 30s because many people lost their hope in pursuing the American dream.

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