Is the Death Penalty an Effective Way to Deter Crime?

The matter of crimes is utterly important and is relevant for all times. People tried to resolve this issue in a great variety of ways. There is thought that the implementation of the death penalty is the most effective method. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss this claim.

Criminal life is known pretty well in all countries of the world. Somewhere its rates are low, and somewhere they are high. The classification of crimes is various. Undoubtedly, the most severe crime is the murder of people. Governments of all countries implement different measures to reduce the level of crimes. The usefulness of preventive methods is good to a definite extent. At times, desperate times call for desperate measures, and people turn to the death penalties.

The death penalty is the strictest and really the last measure against crimes. There are numerous disputes concerning this penalty. Many people believe that it is needed. In the meanwhile, there are those who oppose and wish to forbid such measure. When talking about the United States of America, one should pay attention to each state. Some states implement the death penalty, the others don’t.

This case is the matter for every person individually. Nevertheless, there is a belief that the most desperate measure can reduce the percentage of crimes. Is that really so? What is the evidence? Some researches and thoughts can partially explain this matter.

Some experts, like Dr. Jonathan Groner, are sure that this punishment will not reduce the percentage of crimes in the U.S.A., as well as in other parts of the world. The experts give some reasons why such measure does not deter the level of crimes.

  • The core of murder is passion.
  • Mental illnesses.
  • The use of drugs and alcohol.

These points should be explained in more details.

The mindset of the criminals does not consider consequences. While committing a crime, they are full of negative emotions, such as aggressiveness, anger, hate and so on. Of course, most of the criminals understand what they have done afterward. Nevertheless, during the crime, their emotions overwhelm them.

Some people are not capable of coping with their dangerous behavior due to health problems. We should make allowances for some mental disorders and deviations. The imbalance of natural chemicals in the cerebrum leads to various violations of the normal and adequate behavior.

It is worth mentioning the use of heavy drugs and alcohol of different forms. They negatively affect the functioning of the cerebrum and the central nervous system. Thus, the concentration of natural chemicals gets violated, and people suffer from various psychological disorders. Some symptoms are dangerous for other people.

As you can see, this point of view shows that the capital punishment, as well as any other kinds of punishment is not effective. On the other hand, there are people who claim that this extreme measure is effective.

The basis of the opposite theory assures that the most horrible outcomes of the crime can possibly lower the rate of crimes. When a person realizes that the act of killing would cost his/her life, the crime will be avoided. Some studies revealed that crime rates lowered after the implementation of the death penalty in definite states.

It is obvious that this matter has two sides. Nevertheless, more evidence speaks towards the ineffectiveness of the death penalty. It does not deter crimes because of proven facts, which have a strong influence on the human behavior. Many criminals simply do not realize the actions they undertake and commit the most horrible crimes.


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