Expository Essay

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Topics for expository essay can be different, but in general this kind of essay is about the idea that you need to examine, analyze, explain and make an argument out of all that. There are several types of expository essays:

-definition essay, which aims to explain the meaning of the words, terms or concepts

-classification essay, when the author should divide some broad idea or subject into groups, sub-groups, categories, etc.

-compare and contrast essay, which describes similar and different issues in two or several objects, people, places or whatever is taken for the investigation

-cause and effect essay, which explains how some things depend and influence on each other focusing on reasons and results

-“how-to” essay, which explains step-by-step process and provides instructions for the readers.

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1 Come out with the aim of your work.

2 Take into consideration the needs and expectations of the future readers of your essay.

3 Brainstorm the ideas for your essay.

4 Create an outline.

5 Find proper sources and evaluate them.

6 Read the sources well making the notes.

7 Develop the strong thesis statement on the basis of all the previous work done.

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Expository essays are kind of papers that are often assigned in colleges, high schools, institutes and universities. Expository essay ideas are sometimes difficult to find, as you need to think about a lot of issues, such as choosing between too broad or too narrow topics, the audience that can be interested in your topic, etc.

While writing an expository essay, you will probably face many difficulties and situations when you don't know whether to start immediately discussing your topic at the beginning of the essay or not, which background information can guide your readers through your writing, how to write properly the thesis statement and many others.

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3 Provide the strong thesis statement, which will explain the main argument in the best way.

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1 Conclude your essay by proper restating and rephrasing of the thesis.

2 Summarize the main ideas that support the purpose of the essay.

3 Make the final thought of the essay as a call to action, which is a professional way to show future opportunities and further questions to be discussed and thus aims to initiate further research.

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