Should Young Children Be Allowed to Have Cell Phones?

The modern technologies provide us with a tremendous variety of common, as well as some unbelievable options and conveniences. Notwithstanding, many people argue on the potential harm from those technologies. Are they really safe? It is quite possible that there is a lot of damage to both physical and psychological health of those who use them. Children are especially vulnerable to the effects of modern devices, including cell phones.

Nowadays, nearly 80% of teenagers between 12 and 17 years have a cell phone. The statistics says that the ownership amongst teens has increased by almost half in comparison to the last few years. In addition, one may see thousands of very young children who likewise possess a phone. This is an important fact because there are various drawbacks for the smallest ones.

Amongst the major drawbacks for young children if owning a cell phone are:

  • the issue of privacy,
  • regrets;
  • cyber-Bullying;
  • inappropriate social development;
  • poor academic performance;
  • an increased anxiety.

You may be surprised, but many youngsters ignore the settings of privacy. Kids simply forget or do not give heed to GPS services. They leave GPS turned on. Thus, their location remains visible to strangers. In addition, they may become an easy target for cyber assaults, which have multiple negative consequences.

Being too young and inexperienced, children post different comments, photos, and videos that are actually shameful. The studies show that most teenagers regret their posts after they grow up.

The next issue is social interaction with peers and adults. It becomes violated. This is a great problem because children cannot learn how to cooperate with the society. As the result, they get socially isolated and experience great difficulties in their future lives. They simply get locked up with all those smartphones, tablets and so on. They lose the connection with the real world.

It is important to highlight the issue of academic performance. The statistics claims that children devote too much time to their smartphones and tablets (as well as to other technological devices). This negatively reflects on their academic progress. They are busy with social media, different kinds of entertainment and games. Leaving their studies aside, they do not receive the necessary knowledge and experience.

Finally, the use of cellphones has a negative influence on their general well-being. Children get merely addicted to their devices and get lost in them. The consequences are close to disastrous. Many little kids suffer from various mental deviations. They receive a lot of stress, anxiety and so on. Moreover, some of them become overly aggressive and rebellious to the commands of parents. This is especially dangerous when they play video games that promote violence.

Technologies have a really strong impact on the human mentality. It goes without saying that children are more vulnerable than adults because their personalities are not formed and they cannot resist the negative effects of technological implementations. It is pretty clear that there should be undertaken special measures to lessen the negative impact from the use of cell phones.

Many parents say that they allow their young children to owe phone in order to be constantly in contact with them. Children have many activities outside their homes and parents get worried about them. They understand that using cell phones from the early years is harmful but this is a great necessity too.

There are many disadvantages for children who use cell phones. However, parents should use an active dialogue and explain all dangers. The proper reasoning can sufficiently reduce negative consequences of these devices.


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