Necessity of Dress Codes for Teachers in Colleges Sample Essay

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One-of-a-kind humans have distinctive opinion concerning to this query. On the one hand, a few people consider that dressing uniforms makes the colleges seem like unified and properly organized; alternatively, there are many folks who oppose the idea of wearing uniforms. in my factor of view, it is better to let instructors put on what they want to carrying uniforms because wearing specific clothes help trainer to construct rapport, and assist lesson more simple and attractive to learn for students.

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Late Ottoman Empire vs. Russian Empire

Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire were two large power centers for several centuries, shaping geopolitical struggles in Europe and Asia and influencing global policies. Both these empires expanded their territories aggressively, and both were absolute monarchies that used similar social, economic, and military policies (Miller & Rieber, 2004). Moreover, both territories were ethnically diverse, which created challenges for rulers who were unable to manage different social expectations and interests (Gerasimov, Kusber, & Semyonov, 2009). Although the two empires had their distinctive features as well, these similarities vividly explain why both the Late Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire ended the same, unable to meet the increasing social, political, and territorial pressures.

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Male and Female Employees: How They Differ at Work?

Despite the attempts to achieve equality in the organizational setting, companies still recognize that male and female workers are different, which is the central idea of diversity. Although there is no evidence that one of these groups works better than another, one cannot deny the fact that they differ in their communication patterns, attitudes, behavior, and many other aspects (Bundy, 2017). In this short essay, I aim to explore these differences in detail to understand how employers can use this knowledge. I also argue that despite the differences, both gender groups have much in common when it comes to their careers and workplace relationships, and the existing differences mainly originate from social gender expectations and individual characteristics rather than biological factors.

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Economic Giants: Comparison of China and India

During the past decade, much attention has been paid to the growing influence of China and India in the global economy. These fast-developing economies attract investments from all over the world and are believed to occupy a prominent place in contemporary business and production (Palit, 2013). However, despite the similarities between these emerging economies, they seem to move different paths. China is more integrated and outward-looking, while India demonstrates more independent and liberalized approach to its economic growth. In this essay, I try to compare and contrast these two economies to understand their similarities and differences and their possible influence on the global economy in the following decades.

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Ancient Roman and Greek Architecture: Comparison

Ancient Roman and Greek architecture has influenced the development of the construction art for many centuries and is still visible in some iconic constructions and regular buildings. Ancient architects have managed to create impressive buildings with limited resources and knowledge; yet, their creations still amaze and inspire people from all over the world (Matz, 2012). However, for a regular person not informed about the ancient architecture, it would be practically impossible to differentiate between the Greek and Roman architecture. In this short compare and contrast essay, I attempt to explore the differences and similarities between these two cultures and determine some characteristic features that define these architectural periods.

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