Humanistic theory according to Abraham Maslow: pros and cons

Abraham Maslow: Humanistic theory

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Should the Government Censor Internet Content Deemed Inappropriate?

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Control over the Internet and online anonymity are the topics that are constantly discussed by technical experts, security workers, as well as government officials. The scale of the Internet coverage, the influence of the network on the world community prove that the further development of this structure without any settlement and control is impossible. Furthermore, there are also opinions that monitoring of users’ activities is a purposeful restriction of their freedoms and constitutional rights.

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Qualities of an Effective Leader

During the past several decades, numerous books and articles have been written exploring the qualities that make people good leaders. Researchers have tried to understand whether leaders are born or trained and whether it is possible to educate successful leaders (Marques, 2004). There have been heated debates regarding the basic set of characteristics that a perfect leader should possess, with some authors arguing that by developing these qualities, almost any person can become an effective leader (Okum, 2012). However, although I admit there are some acquired qualities defining good leaders, leadership is a far more complex and elusive concept. Therefore, in this essay, I argue that the premise that every person can become a leader with the good training and commitment is false.

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Choosing the Education Field

All of us had at least one teacher in their lifetime who had neither talent nor desire to teach others. It seems that they work simply to earn their living and do not enjoy their career at all. Naturally, such people fail to engage students and provide the adequate degree of knowledge they need in their future lives. If you consider choosing a career in the education field, you should ask yourself – is there a possibility that I will become the same disinterested and dissatisfied teacher lashing out at students? There are simple ways to answer this question. I this essay, I provide several qualities that make a person a successful and aspiring teacher.

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