Choosing the Education Field

All of us had at least one teacher in their lifetime who had neither talent nor desire to teach others. It seems that they work simply to earn their living and do not enjoy their career at all. Naturally, such people fail to engage students and provide the adequate degree of knowledge they need in their future lives. If you consider choosing a career in the education field, you should ask yourself – is there a possibility that I will become the same disinterested and dissatisfied teacher lashing out at students? There are simple ways to answer this question. I this essay, I provide several qualities that make a person a successful and aspiring teacher.

To begin with, a good teacher has excellent communication skills (Dickenson, Keough, & Courduff, 2016). It is extremely important for a teacher to be able to find ways to build trusting relationships with all students, irrespectively of their personalities, literacy levels, abilities, and attitudes. A teacher should be able not only to speak convincingly but also listen to students’ thoughts and views. Communication in the educational sphere requires a person to interact successfully with parents and colleagues, which means there is the need to adjust to each individual’s communication patterns and express one’s emotions and thoughts clearly (Dickenson, Keough, & Courduff, 2016). Therefore, if you enjoy communicating with people and find it exciting to interact with both adults and children, you may consider a career in the education sphere.

Furthermore, successful teachers are passionate about their subjects (Killen, 2006). A good teacher is willing to learn something new about the subject because he/she is genuinely interested in it and inspires this interest in others. People enjoying some area of knowledge, even the most boring ones like mathematics, can attract students’ attention to it and motivate them to learn. Thus, if you feel that you are really passionate about something and can make other people listen to you while you speak about it – you may have the needed quality to become an inspiring teacher. On the contrary, when even your family and close friends cannot understand why you are interested in something, there are little chances that you will attract your students’ attention.

Another critical quality of a good teacher is creativity (Tan, 2007). Teachers have to be creative because otherwise, they will not be able to hold children’s attention for long. They need to apply different teaching methods and approaches for each classroom to make sure that students’ requirements are properly met. People enjoying finding new ways of presenting information will certainly like working in the education field because they will find their teaching experience challenging yet extremely fulfilling.

Finally, as far as I am concerned, it is important to ask oneself – do I like children and am I ready to work with them every day? No matter how passionate, creative, and sociable you may be, the failure to appreciate children in all their diversity and complexity means that you are not suitable for a position. A truly successful and efficient teacher loves children and enjoys spending time with them (Dash & Dash, 2008). To summarize, all the mentioned qualities of a good teacher should necessarily be present in a person considering building a career in education. Teaching is a demanding and challenging profession, so you should be absolutely sure when applying for a job at school or college. At the same time, if you feel the inner drive and motivation to educate children and feel that you will make a difference in their lives, do not hesitate because a good teacher is a treasure that will be highly valued in any educational institution.



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