An Essay Sample on the Exploration of the Neuman’s System Model Applied to Nursing

Exploration of the Neuman's System

Nursing is a science that contains its own scientific theories or as they are also called models that study all the possible behaviors of nurses when dealing with a patient. The model of nursing is a model by which it is possible to implement the concepts of nursing. This is a tool aimed at helping everyone understand what nurses should focus on when examining a patient, what the goals and nursing interventions should be.

The model of nursing is the direction for goal achievement. Every model reflects the understanding of a patient’s essence in different ways considering it as an object of nursing activity, the goal of care, the set of nursing interventions and the evaluation of the results of nursing care. Models of nursing care are conceptual, as they are built on the basis of various concepts. The modern model of nursing is a framework or a structure that is based on the philosophy of nursing, includes four paradigms of nursing and is designed as a guide for a curriculum or practice.

All nursing models include four aspects of nursing: a patient, nursing, environment, health. Currently, in the world practice of nursing, there are more than 30 models of nursing care. The model of nursing can be defined as a basic structure that reflects the point of nursing. It plays an important role in the development of nursing, directing education, research and practical activities. It also fosters the formation of professional consciousness and the strengthening of connections between nurses working in various fields of nursing.

The system model designed by B.Neuman is the one offering an in-depth nursing perspective. The main concept used for the creation of this model is the concept of stressors and effects. The model developed by Neuman makes it possible to trace the relationships between the concepts. Stress adaptation and relations with nature are the key factors. Taking into account the views of Neuman, every person should be considered an “open” organism. This means that it is necessary to treat a person as a complete one rather than consisting of several constituent parts.

The knowledge of the Neuman System Model basics includes a number of benefits as it can provide you with the most important concepts. The Neuman model will help you to identify and ascertain a patient’s difficulties, identifying his or her needs for observation and care; emphasize on the priority needs of the person, determining the expected consequences, and the result of patient care, and use the strategy of the nursing process, aimed at ensuring all human needs.

It is impossible to imagine the healthcare system without nurses today. The model is of the great importance for everyone who is working in the medical sphere. This system allows learning more about self-development as well as about the process of gaining knowledge. Maintaining the level of health has become much easier and more well-organized. Learning what the theory of Betty Neuman says, it is possible to apply it in practice.


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