Personal Narrative Essay Examples

Students have to earn grades and recognition from their teachers and professors fulfilling various essays. One of the common assignments is to write a personal essay. This academic task differs from other ones and students often ask how to write a personal essay. First of all, you are not obliged to seek information and afterward, make reference lists. Secondly, your task is not to conduct scientific research on your topic. From this perspective, it has a lot in common with a scholarship essay. Nonetheless, they are truly different.

To compose this paper correctly, you are to know the personal essay definition. So, what is a personal essay? The topic is addressed from an author’s own perspective and conventionally includes personal experience of the author from the real life. Its main objective is to help the readers to understand the inner developments of a person. This essay type is sometimes compared with an interview. The author gives a reflection of himself/herself.

At first, this academic piece of writing seems to be very simple. You give a description of a specific event that occurred in your life. It’s your own real story. Nonetheless, it’s not that easy to reveal your true feelings. Some people find it hard to do. There are feelings we wish to keep to ourselves. Nevertheless, the assigned topic might demand from us to write about them.

Of course, you might be allowed selecting the topic on your own. In fact, most students are permitted to pick up what to write about. This gives a strategic advantage. You are free to write about the things you know very well. This makes the process of writing easier and simpler. Besides, the more complicated and specific your topic is the higher grades you receive.

There is one more obstacle that might possibly induce complications. This is the structure. You should know how to write a personal essay. This guide highlights the major basics on this important matter.

Tips to Write a Good Personal Narrative Essay

Your main objective is to write a strong personal statement essay. You should compose a real story that took place in your life. This is the “heart” of your assignment. Nonetheless, there are some other supplementary points that help to compose this task effectively. These are:

  • Proper grammar
  • Specific voice and vocabulary
  • Unique style
  • Correct point of view and tense

If you are good with the description of your feelings and emotions, it’s a bottle of wine. However, creative folks give little heed to grammar. As the result, the mistakes they make lead to the loss of essential grades. Therefore, you ought to freshen up your grammar and bring it in order.

Another important thing is to realize that language is more than grammar. You ought to find and use your own voice and vocabulary. It is advised to use active voice. Thus, you show your audience that you are determined and wish to inform them about something essential. Express your passion and real interest in what you write about. Your readers will definitely appreciate that.

The most effective and impressive language is positivism. Try to build your strategy with enthusiasm and positive outlook. Of course, you might choose to write about some tough times. Probably, this would bring you higher grades. Nevertheless, try to remain positive and express true hopes that everything will become much better.

Be unique. Express originality and don’t copy other authors. Try to be specific about your descriptions. Use your own vocabulary that suits the content and your main ideas in the most advantageous way.

Remain consistent in your narration. Be logical and straight to the point. The assignment isn’t that big. Use the pronoun “I” because you are writing about yourself. The first person is suitable. Use the past tense.

The Correct Format and What to Write About

If you wish to learn to compose such paper, you ought to know the personal essay format. Fortunately, it doesn’t differ from other essay types. Your outline should include the following sections:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Main plot
  • Conclusion
  • List of references

Your title is to be formatted in accordance with the assigned style. Make sure that fonts, margins, and other details are fulfilled correctly. Otherwise, you’ll lose vital grades.

It’s important to know how to start a personal essay. A good beginning makes the half of total success. Find the proper focus. Choose compelling and interesting moments, memories and feelings. Those who step out of the crowd convey the main purpose in the best and most efficacious way.

Be straight to the point and introduce your main argument. Develop it in the main plot. You’re expected to be specific and avoid generalizations. Write about the really significant moment(s) in your life. Provide examples. Describe your feelings. Mention the people who influenced you at that very moment. Try to describe the outcomes you have today.

Your conclusion should briefly retell the entire story. Depict the emotional response to the described event honestly. Use original language and don’t be repeatable.

Your references must be written in a specific way. This requirement is dependent on the assigned style. Give close heed to each detail. There’re some small differences in all styles. Nonetheless, they might cost too much if one doesn’t add them appropriately.

Acquire Help with Your Writing

Under the condition, you find it hard to deal with your personal essay for college properly get some support from others. There are definite ways, people, and sources to acquire the needed assistance. Make allowances for the next possibilities:

  • Academic advisors
  • Friends, fellow-students, peers
  • Family
  • Guides
  • Personal tutors
  • Writing companies

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