The three assumptions of conflict theory for students

conflict theory essay

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Why should we read more about conflict theory? Is it really so important?

Many people from all over the world usually do not want to study something new and unusual. They usually choose a particular direction of their development and forget about other important sides of our life. Moreover, these people also think that there is no need to study more about different theories and hypotheses, which were created by the most influential scientists and philosophers.

However, we think that the real situation differs and this position is very bad. Why do we think so? Well, first of all, we should admit that these theories are interesting. It sounds a bit trite but it’s really exciting to read about the nature of our society and our development. On the other hand, it depends on the preferences of a particular person. Second, you should understand the main features of popular theories if you think that you are an intelligent person. These theories are very popular among the intelligentsia and you should figure out more about this issue too.

Finally, we should probably mention the most important reason. You should be interested in this topic because it can change our lives. You probably think that it is something like a joke but we are absolutely serious. All these scientists including philosophers or economists are the best representatives of our society. They want to change this world, that’s why they create different theories about our society, our lives and so on. For example, do you realize that Karl Marx changed the history of our civilization? Of course, this person is widely known as an ordinary economist who created a theory of Marxism and communism. It probably sounds quite boring for some people, but we should mention that this doctrine was extremely popular in the Russian Empire and it caused a lot of problems. This theory was a basis for a real revolution in Eastern Europe, genocides and the Cold War, of course. We cannot guarantee this result but many scientists were sure that people could live in peace in the XX century if we would manage to stop this political doctrine, which was created by Karl Marx.

Unfortunately, he didn’t understand that the idea of a global state without private property is impossible. We cannot gain this result because all people are different. We have different preferences, needs, abilities, level of knowledge and other parameters. It is impossible to build this society if the basic elements of this system is a human. However, the fact is that this doctrine was so popular that it changed the story of our planet. As a result, we are sure that it is extremely important to read about the popular theories. Therefore, we decided to prepare a short article, in which we want to consider the important assumptions of conflict theory. If you want to figure out more, continue reading this article.

What are the main assumptions of conflict theory? Is it possible to prove this theory?

What is conflict theory? As you probably understand, this doctrine means that there is a conflict between different groups in our society. Which groups take part in this competition? Well, there many disputes about this problem but scientists still cannot find the common language. AS we have already mentioned, if you think that the doctrine, which was created by Karl Marx, is true, then the conflict is between the working class and the capitalists. The working class does not earn enough money while the second part of this conflict has the main means of production and an enormous amount of money. As a result, the working class has to put in power ordinary people and solve this conflict.

There are also other alternative theories. For example, if we talk about the position, which was provided by Charles Darwin, he declared that the conflict is between different species. For example, humans try to survive, that’s why they improve their technologies, become smarter and avoid previous mistakes. This strategy helps them to develop themselves and stop other species. We can also consider this theory if we talk about different species of animals, who try to survive too.

In general, we should probably admit that all these theories are still ordinary theories because we cannot prove it. There are no real facts, which can convince us that this theory is trustworthy. However, we think that social conflict is real. Different social groups try to compete with each other. It helps them to become better in different spheres. For example, just look at our political system. The main parties – Republican and Democrats want to get power. They do everything possible to do that and it is profitable for our state because we continue our development.


We understand that conflict theory is very strange and we cannot prove this reliability. However, we do not want to say that you are obliged to agree with this point of view. Consider all pros and cons of this theory, read more about alternative theories and make your final decision.