Romeo and Juliet

Love is one of the most debated topics, which raises frequently on the pages of the most popular works of literature. Every famous writer was trying to find the answer to the question “What is love?” at least ones in a lifetime. There are many writers, who use this question as the leitmotiv of their entire creative activity. Nowadays, no one can answer this question staying completely sure of own rightness. Besides, everyone sees this phenomenon in his own way, depending on personal moral principles and feelings.

The modern literature is often full of such concepts as “eternal love”, “overwhelming love”, “love from first sign”, etc. Famous poets, writers, and novelists have used to put these concepts into own works in order to make love look like the biggest gift heaven could give to a person. Still, not all the writers tend to show the love as it really looks like, often presenting a simple emotional addiction as real love feelings. Furthermore, even famous Shakespeare in his time had confused people with his vision of real love, which he mixed up with ordinary emotional addictions.

You probably have heard of Romeo and Juliet love story, written by Shakespeare. This is one of the most debated fiction love stories, which have ever raised on the book pages. People used to be adored with the eternal love of a young couple, who gave their lives away in the name of love. A fascinating and sad story, don’t you think? It surely does if you don’t try to analyze the story itself and its main characters. When reading such a tragedy, people rarely tend to think of it in a critical way. They simply sympathize the main characters, and feel sorry for their deaths.

However, does there anyone, who has ever asked the question whether the love of two so young people could ever be called a true love? If analyzing the story a bit deeper, it may start looking less like a poem of a real love. In case of main characters, who fight against their relatives to keep their love, it is obvious that we deal with teenagers, who mix up the concept of real love with other emotional conditions. Since both, Romeo and Juliet, were extremely young, they had their so-called “youthful exuberance”. The way they ended up their lives was more a rebel attempt, but not the way people fight for own love.

If you were reading the drama attentively, you probably have noticed their love story was quite short, and their love has started from the first sign. In the same time, the concept of love from the first sign is rather poetical than existed among real people. Once meeting a person for a few times only, it is quite difficult to get known each other well and become really in love. There could be no feelings, but simple emotional addiction, caused by own traumas and previous love losses. Often, lack of love and appreciation makes young people committing suicide, which has no connection with a true love.

In a case of Romeo and Juliet, their love story was not an example of a true love of two adults. Their love was a mix of teenagers’ insecurities and dysfunctional feelings. Extremely popular among readers, Shakespeare’s tragedy remains a story of controversial feelings, for sure. It is difficult to call such a short romance of two teenagers a true love story. This is rather a novel of unnamed addictions, which caused two young lovers to end up with their lives. Every reader may decide for himself how to call the love described in the novel. Nevertheless, this love story will still stay quite debated theme for people who have ever read Shakespeare’s tragedy.


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