Your Comprehensive Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Guide

Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Guide

For those of us who can remember the “Spot the difference puzzles” we use to handle in primary school, tackling a compare and contrast assignment comes in handy as a platform to advance your skills in spotting smaller differences between objects that look the same. The sole difference here is that this time round, you are applying these skills in a more defined and controlled academic format. When your instructors ask you to draft such essays, you can analyze items that either appear to differ and yet they are fundamentally similar or those that look similar and yet they are different.

Draft a compare and contrast essay proper structure

A good structure allows you to draft your paper in a logically flowing manner since you know where to include your details. In addition, it allows your audience easily read your assignment easily. Here, we shall examine your essay’s introductory section because it serves as your essay’s access point. This critical part should achieve the following goals:

compare and contrast essay structure

  • Assist your readers to identify the ideas or items you are comparing and contrasting
  • Grab and retain the attention of your readers so they can remain with you up to the end
  • Arouse and maintain the interest of your audiences so that they don’t read your paper as a duty they are obligated to perform, but as an interesting piece they like to read
  • Mention the subtopics that you intend to use validate your primary argument
  • Develop a compare and contrast essay outline
  • Developing an outline is a mandatory requirement for succeeding in your drafting process. In addition, you should note down only the parts and thoughts you intend to cover in the paper. Your outline’s introductory section should give your reader your general idea behind your paper. Additionally, it will assist you in working faster compared to if you were working without an outline. The reason is that when you are working with a clear guidepost, you get a vivid picture of what lies ahead, and hence, you will not waste time trying to figure out what you should do next. Lastly, your outline will help you to know where to place which ideas so that you do not just include the right thoughts. On the contrary, you will include them in their rightful places where the reader needs them the most.

  • Draft a concrete compare and contrast essay thesis
  • Developing a concrete thesis statement is a mandatory requirement for any student who wants to write a compelling compare and contrast essay. It is necessary to wind up your introduction of your essay with a thesis statement that forms the basis of your argument upon which you will build all the other arguments. By drafting a concrete statement, you achieve the following goals:

    • Showing the readers why some objects or ideas are more desirable than others
    • It helps your audiences to draw meaningful comparisons between two objects
    • It assists readers in understanding the differences and similarities between your chosen objects
  • Approaching your compare and contrast essay body paragraph
  • Each body paragraph in your paper acts as an anchoring component that assists your audiences to get to the gist of what you promised them at the beginning. The reason is without these paragraphs, your readers remain in a suspended state of ambiguity for a lack of evidence to answer the big “how” question. For this reason, give them special attention for your paper to have strong legs to stand on. Additionally, these paragraphs help in proving and validating your thesis statement. Here are ideas on how to bolster these critical paragraphs.

    • Introduce all your paragraphs with topic sentences that give the reader a clear glimpse of what lies ahead of them. Such sentences will also act as transitions point from their preceding paragraphs, and hence, creating harmony in the flow of your assignment
    • In addition, concretize the topic sentences with body sentences that assist to amplify their details and validate your primary argument
    • Lastly, you are supposed to end your paragraphs with strong concluding sentences that will summarize the mini themes it has been discussing. In addition, these sentences are supposed to pave the way for transitioning to the remaining paragraphs—they should serve a transitioning role
  • Finish strong with a compelling compare and contrast essay conclusion
  • Finishing strong is a mandatory requirement for any student who wants to give their readers with a compelling essay. You should pay attention to how you finish because this critical section is comparable to the landing of an airplane. It does not matter how well the place took off or flew between two points because if the pilot crashes the plane of the landing way, the whole journey will abort. Similarly, you too have to give your readers a safe landing by making this section rephrase your thesis, underscore its value, and show the reader why your comparison is critical to them.

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Helpful compare and contrast essay tips to get you going

If you still want to excel in writing this kind of paper, it is helpful to integrate these tips in your writing process.

compare and contrast essay tips

  • Consider the transition and coherence of the assignment
  • If you still want to make you paper more forceful, it is mandatory to handle the coherence and transitioning of paragraphs carefully. It is necessary to ensure that they have clear transitions so that you can give readers an easy time navigating your paper. The logical linking between paragraphs will assist your audience to grasp the thoughts you are putting forward in defense of your thesis

  • Begin on a definitive note
  • Another way of making your paper more compelling and impactful is giving your readers a definition of the objects that constitute your comparative discussion. This way, your audiences find it convenient to comprehend the issues you are addressing in the paper because they have a clear background of what you are tackling

  • Do not use multiple structures
  • Even though this kind of assignment allows you to choose from several structures of presentation, it is prudent to use a single structure in your assignment. If you have elected to use structure H, do not shift to structure M along the way because you will give your readers a hard time trying to understand your paper

  • Remain objective
  • It is possible to find yourself comparing or contrasting objects or ideas you have a strong bias for or against. In such cases, you need to give the reader conclusions that are rooted in facts. Do not try to bring into the comparison what you like or hate about a certain point. For instance, if you are an Arsenal fun comparing and contrasting the Gunners against Liverpool, you cannot conclude that the Gunners are more successful than the Reds, no matter how much you are addicted to Arsenal. The facts are that the Reds are the most successful English club, the only one that has won the European Champions League five times, and have won the EPL 17 times, five times more than Arsenal. Therefore, avoid personal likes, preferences, and bias and stick to the facts.

  • Use up to date facts and date

Remember to conduct thorough research before listing the qualities of the objects you are comparing and contrasting. Therefore, ensure that the information you include is current.

Take care of your compare and contrast essay revision process

When conducting the editing process, it is necessary to consider these factors:

compare and contrast essay revision

  • It is important to check your assignment for any biased conclusion and replace it with facts
  • Check your paper for compliance with any styling requirement you are supposed to abide by
  • Ensure that there is consistency in the way the paper flows
  • Ensure a smooth flow of ideas throughout your sentences and paragraphs
  • Give the paper a sense of clarity for easy understanding
  • Identify and remove all grammar errors
  • Expunge all fluff
  • Introduce any needful material that will help your readers in understanding your paper easily

Conduct a thorough compare and contrast essay proofreading

After concluding your editing process, give it final touches. Therefore, conduct this process with an eagle eye to spot all embarassing spelling and grammar bugs that entered the essay during editing. The reason is that a single punctuation or spelling bug can change the meaning of a whole sentence. For instance, failing to put a period in this statement, “Stop men at work” will suggest that someone needs to stop those men from working. But if you place a period in-between “stop” and “men,” your message will be clear that passer bys need to stop because men are at work.

Need help?

Writing a compelling and informative compare and contrast essay is fascinating and possible for students who understand how go about it. That is why our guide has supplied you with all the principles you need to master this art. The ball is in your court to optimize them and take your game to the next level.