Your Complete Descriptive Essay Template

Descriptive Essay Template

Even though a descriptive essay allows you to use common senses to describe an event, experience, and an object, writing descriptive essay template will vary depending on the kind of project you are dealing with. Additionally, the outline differs based on the writing techniques and the styles you are using to write your paper. But despite the differences, one thing remains true: that you need an outline to plan for the drafting of your paper. By using a template, you will allow your readers to navigate your essay easily. In addition, a good descriptive essay template will assist you in your writing process since it shows you the exact place you need to place your points. This way, you will not end up forgetting to include any necessary point you need to draft your paper. Here is a sample template to help you in drafting your templates for your future descriptive assignments.

Descriptive Essay Template


The introduction of your paper will act as its opening point. In this section of your template, you will need to include the following details:

  • Hook sentence
  • This sentence is the most important part of your introduction since it makes the reader want read your essay. If you don’t convince you audiences to read your paper, it will be difficult to succeed in the remaining sections of the paper. Therefore, you ought to make it as interesting as possible so that the reader finds a reason to enjoy reading the paper without feeling that it was a duty they were performing.

  • The object
  • You will need to introduce the event or object you want to describe but without going into too much detail.

  • Brief background information
  • You should also share some background information about what you intend to describe. You have do this to allow your readers to know what they will experience in the remaining sections of your paper.

  • Sensory details
  • Another part of your introduction is the sensory details you will need to use in the description. You need to set the stage ready for the senses you will treat your readers to as the essay unfolds.

Descriptive Essay Writing Guide

Body paragraph

After whetting the appetite of your readers with the introduction, you will have to take them to the “main meal” and satisfy their hunger for what you have been tantalizing them with. The section will have the following parts:

  • Paragraph 1
  • In this paragraph, it will be advantageous to get to the gist of your preferred object. You will need to list every detail that is necessary for giving a reader a clear picture of what you are describing. You are free to use comparisons, similes, and metaphors.

  • Paragraph 2
  • The second paragraph of your paper will give the reader a clear description of the context and surroundings of the object you are describing. It will be beneficial to do it so that the reader feels as if they were a part of the event or experience you are describing. Remember to use the same language you used in the first paragraph.

  • Paragraph 3
  • The last paragraph will be more sensual and emotional in the way you describe your object. Here, you will bring out the reality of the five common senses so that you can make the reader a part of the description.

Descriptive Essay Formatting Guide


The last part of your descriptive essay template will sum up your essay in the following manner:

  • A vivid description of the significance of your details to the reader starting with your thesis statement and the other details the you used to back it
  • It needs to leave the reader with something to ponder as they come to an end of their reading process. You can leave them with a question or a lesson you learnt so that they can remember your essay for long
  • It should give a reader a respectable reflection of the purpose of your whole story

At last, you now have all you needed to know to draft a descriptive essay template that will guide you in your writing assignments. With this pattern imprinted on your mind, you can now move on with confidence and improve your outlining skills.

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