Your Argumentative Essay Writing Guide

Writing an argumentative essay gives you an opportunity to make a thorough investigation of issues or topics. Such writing assignments entail intensive research that covers different dimensions of the topic and collecting information to give the reader a comprehensive coverage of the topic at hand. Moreover, it allows you to give your audience a complete summary of the issues under discussion while indicating your personal stand on the issues, and why it is the best option.

Our discussion will serve as a complete guide to writing an argumentative essay that will sharpen your argumentative skills.

An argumentative essay proper structure

Just like in all other types of writing assignments, a structure is an integral part. You need to give your paper a proper structure so that you can present your arguments in a manner that is easy to follow and understand. Also, a good structure will help you in transitioning and navigating your paper. Essentially, the structure of your paper will take the following shape:

argumentative essay structure

  • Introduction
  • This section is the entry point of your paper, and you should draft it tactfully in an interesting manner. Moreover, it is your only opportunity to make the first impression, and hence, you need to make that impression attractive and compelling. Here, you give your audience a reason to read your paper and do so because they enjoy doing it as opposed to reading because they have to do it. Your introduction has to provide your reader with all the background information while avoiding the temptation of trying to explain everything here. Just ensure you have given enough information for your readers to know where you are taking them. Also, remember to include your thesis statement at the end of your intro so that your audience can know the position you are going to defend as the essay progresses.

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  • Create your argumentative essay outline
  • Creating an outline for your argumentative essay is critical for many reasons. First, creating and working with an outline will allow you to order your arguments in a logically coherent and flowing manner. Second, an outline will allow your readers to navigate your essay easily. Third, a good outline will ensure you do not digress into points that you did not intend to discuss in the paper. Fourth, your outline will help you to remember and include all the critical information you need to write your paper.

  • Write your argumentative essay thesis
  • After introducing the first part of your paper, and telling your reader what you want to discuss, you also need to show them how you are going to approach your presentation. You should tell the reader how you will approach your topic through the stand you have taken on it. The critical statement that will capture all this information is called your thesis statement. As your primary argument, your thesis statement gives your reader an overall guidepost that holds together all the other arguments in the remaining sections of your paper. Therefore, you need to make it as conclusive and clear as possible. In addition, it is necessary to make your statement debatable because it is your primary point of debate. Lastly, your statement should act as a transitioning clause that makes you move your reader smoothly from the introduction to the body paragraphs.

  • Ordering your argumentative essay body paragraph
  • The body paragraphs of your essay are supposed to give the reader an opportunity to taste the gist of what you promised them in the opening paragraph. In this section of your paper, you should delve into the details of your introduction and defend your thesis statement. In your body paragraphs, you should state and refute all the counterclaims that your opponents hold. Here, you need to master the tact of showing your audience why the position you have taken on the topic at hand is more valuable and credible than its opposing views. Additionally, you should give your readers reasons to side with your thesis statement and push aside the other views but without vilifying or demeaning them.

    As you support your reasons, you need to consider carefully in the following factors. First, you need to uphold your reasons using arguments, examples, figures, and quotes from authorities in the area of discussion you are handling. Second, you should give your readers enough reasons to see the validity of your primary argument. Here, you have to give at least three or more reasons so that your audience can get a clearer picture of things. To achieve this end, you will need to make these reasons your introductory sentences or topic sentences. Third, you need to connect your reasons to your thesis statement and give your readers a seamless flow of evidence and relevance.

  • Drafting your argumentative essay conclusion
  • After arguing your case, you need to give it a compelling ending. This section of your paper should make your reader come to a joint perspective with you so that they can read from the same script. First, you should draft your paper’s conclusion to show your readers that your topic is critical as well as the position you have taken on it in the form of your thesis statement. You need to convince your readers that your essay and its supporting arguments have and can add value to them. Second, you ought to draft your conclusion in such a way that they will clearly see the consequences of your topic in a black and white manner. To achieve this, you should show them how they can benefit by adopting your position and what they stand to lose by ignoring it. However, make sure that you do this in a convincing manner without sounding threatening or demeaning.

Smart argumentative essay tipsul>

Here are tips that will help you to write a compelling argumentative essay.

argumentative essay tips

  • Plan well
  • Planning is critical in the entire prewriting and writing process. You should apportion time for every process of the project right from brainstorming to revision so you can have a clear roadmap of where you are going and when.

  • Do thorough research
  • If you do not research your topic well, you will have no raw materials to build your case and win it. Therefore, you need to identify credible and authoritative sources to back your arguments.

  • Understand your arguments
  • To succeed in your case, you should understand your main arguments and its supportive arguments. If you don’t understand their merit, strength, and value, you will have difficulties presenting and defending them in the face of opposing arguments.

  • Anticipate and understand opposing arguments
  • When writing your argumentative essay, you should bear in mind that you will encounter opposing views. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself to handle them without demeaning and demonizing the proponents of contrary views. To prepare for this, you have to figure out the most probable opposing positions people hold regarding the topic and how you can debunk them using your evidence. In addition, you need to prepare yourself to give your readers objective reasons why you don’t agree with their conflicting ideas. Make sure that your reasons have nothing to do with what you like, prefer, or feel about the topic. If you delve into the world of emotions as a reason for rejecting a certain position, you will weaken your arguments and make them sound illogical. However, you should also know how you can cleverly appeal to the emotions of your readers and use them to sell your arguments to them.

  • Don’t use cooked up evidence
  • Remember, you are dealing with an argumentative essay, and you need to know how to argue and do so credibly. You should avoid ‘spicing’ your paper with cooked or exaggerated figures and evidence. Also, you need to avoid using weak sources because they will weaken the credibility and authority of your essay.


    Handling your argumentative essay revision

    afting your first copy, you need to sit back and take a break. Afterwards, you can come back to your copy and infuse it with perfection because if you embark on the editing immediately, the copy will look too similar to make any meaningful revisions. As you revise your paper, you should aim to achieve the following results

    argumentative essay revision

    • Establishing of consistency and grammatical soundness
    • Establish compliance with styling requirements
    • Check and verify the relevance and accuracy of your evidence
    • Check and authenticate your citations
    • Remove all fluff
    • Introduce all relevant information you forgot

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    Tackling argumentative essay proofreading

    iting your paper, it is possible to create new spelling mistakes. For instance, in the process of rewriting a given paragraph, you can end up with fresh spelling bugs that you may not notice in that process. That is why you need to go through your assignment to remove all such spelling errors, including the ones your spelling checker failed to detect.

    We believe that this guide has furnished you with all the facts you need to excel in writing argumentative essays. With these insights at your fingertips and in practice, you are in a better position to up your game in your future assignments.