Valley of ashes as a failure of American Dream

In schools and colleges, works of Francis Scott Fitzgerald are studied. One of the most popular Fitzgerald’s novels is The Great Gatsby. So every student meets the question “What is the valley of ashes in the great gatsby?” Quizlet, Google, and other sources can give you brief information about that, but actually, the place described in chapter 2 is important for the understanding of all this book.

A truly great novel always has a lot of mysteries, different symbolic places, or people, or something else, on which we should pay more attention to understand the idea of the author better. In The Great Gatsby, it is the Valley of Ashes. In the novel, the main characters visit this place a few times, but each of these times changes something in their minds and even becomes fatal the last time.

For the first time Nick sees his cousin’s husband’s mistress and has to keep this secret and for the last time, the car accident shows us the boundlessness of Jay’s love and Daisy’s true nature. Daisy and Tom are worthy of each other. While many are ready to share with Gatsby his wealth, in his love and nobility he is all alone.

What is valley of ashes literally? Now it is known as the park called Flashing Meadows, the fourths largest park in New York city with numerous entertaining establishments. But it wasn’t always so. In early twentieth century, New York was a rapidly developing city, which was influenced by the industrial revolution. And the wasted materials were brought to the site between West Egg and the New York at the estuary of the Flushing River. There was railroad near this area. To this area, Francis Scott Fitzgerald gave a pathos and depressive at the same time name. So actually it was a big trash dumb. From 1924 till now the Valley of ashes analysis is a popular object of scientific works, school lessons, and essays, but everyone knows that it is one of the kind.

Who lives in the Valley of ashes? Actually, there is only one house where are one tavern and George and Myrtle Wilson’s garage. There one can meet grey people among grey ashes, but lately, we find out that they are these people from Gatsby’s parties. Careless, craving for money and a better life, they all become gray opposed to the bright character which Jay Gatsby is.

After reading this novel it is possible to make the conclusion that antithesis is the favorite author’s literature method. Starting from the glow of West Egg and greyness of the Valley and finishing with the high and strong aspirations of Jay Gatsby and weak and even ugly souls of Tom and Daisy Buchanans.

If you want to know what is the valley of ashes, Quizlet it is a source which can help you to do it fast and easy. With the help of cards and other different tools and tasks, you will get a brief sketchy information. But if the understanding of a great sense of all this book is important to you, if you want to know what overlooks the Valley of ashes and what its deep meaning is, you should read this novel. It goes without saying that this epic story is relevant today.

One of the most significant symbols which reader can “see” there is a billboard with the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg, which look like the sight of God, who look at this world indifferently. In the text, the author compares the valley with a fantastic farm, but this comparison is negative because this ash grows like wheat and there is no bright future in it. The vain hope for future, described in this novel is known to each of us. The main idea, or rather the author’s call is that vain hopes and self-deception can lead to the most tragic consequences, and the future is unattainable and the present is all that we have.




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