The Best Fighting Games on PC

No matter an adult or a child, a boy or a girl, a geek or not, one thing is true for everyone – we all love gaming. It’s such an amazing way to relax that we simply get back to it again and again. Sometimes we play for great stories, choosing adventures or role-playing games. Sometimes we need a challenge, so we go for strategy and logical games. It happens that we need to feel reckless by playing some racing games. And sometimes… well sometimes we want to punch an opponent until our certain and undeniable victory. It’s true, punching people is quite relaxing. In a game, of course. Here are the best fighting games that PC has ever seen.

Let’s start with the classic – “Garou: Mark of the Wolves”. It was released in late 1999 and it was a complete surprise. The graphics was quite ahead of its time, and the story was… well deeper than usual fighting games. Overall, just a solid game for the fans of the old-school.

Much more recent release is “Killer Instinct”. An Xbox and PC exclusive, right now there are very few games that can compare to in terms of visuals, fighting mechanics and overall performance. Multiplayer is also incredibly solid; people actually are quite satisfied with how little lag occur in the game. Another great thing about the game is the fact that it is free-to-play, with characters that can be unlocked for real money. At the very least, give it a try.

“Tekken” is a well-established name in the world of fighting games. Since the dawn of the industry, “Tekken” has been a go-to franchise for many. Its seventh installment has hit the shelves not so long ago, and it is quite a worthy pick up. It adds a tone of new stuff to the franchise while still keeping the original charm. A story mode is deep and interesting to go through; each character has his or her own story. Overall, a solid experience.

“Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3” – now that’s how to make a title sound epic. Unfortunately, everybody understands that the main game will be “Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite”, but this one still has quite a lot to offer. Who in the world doesn’t want to see Marvel superheroes punching it out with Capcom street fighters? Game is incredible simple and newbie-friendly; everyone will be able to be decent in from the get-go. Graphics look so good that it’s simply amazing to look at.

Blood and gore – this should be the official moto of “Mortal Combat”. This game is so brutal that thousands of parents everywhere are still trying to make their kids stop playing it. However, the latest iteration “Mortal Combat XL” goes into even more bloodshed. Dismembering enemies sounds like fun? Go for it, then.

Here are some of the best fighting games out there. Choose the one that fits the best and punch away all the stress.


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