Sense of humor definition

Sense of humor definition

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Is it really important to have a good sense of humor to gain success?

It is probably not a secret that people with a good sense of humor are very popular among other people. Moreover, the fact is that these people are more successful because they can find the common language without any problems. We think that this point of view is true because our sense of humor is something like a universal way to break the wall between you and interlocutor. Some people also declare that this talent could be extremely useful even in writing form. For example, you are a student who wants to write an interesting essay to get the best grade. However, how can you grab the attention of your teacher or any another reader? Just use your sense of humor and write a funny joke or story which is connected with the topic of your paper. A good sense of humor also means that you are an intelligent person, who knows a lot of interesting facts.

Therefore, we have already figured out that it is an enormous advantage if you have an excellent sense of humor because you can use this “magic wand” to improve your relationships with friends, parents, business partners and so on. This tool can be also used at work or any other situations. As a result, it is not a secret that many people from all over the world try to improve this skill. However, is it possible to do that? Can we consider a good sense of humor as a skill or is it something like a gift from God? We are going to consider this issue in our article. So, if you are interested in the development of your sense of humor and you really want to discover something new and interesting, you should continue reading without any hesitation because we are going to start!

What is the sense of humor? Is it possible to improve your sense of humor?

First of all, if we really want to consider this issue, we should probably understand what is the sense of human. So, the sense of humor is our ability to understand jokes and tell your own fun stories. In most cases, people think that this is not a skill, which you can improve. It is a real talent and you cannot become better in this sphere. Well, we think that this point of view is true. How can you improve this ability? These attempts are useless.

However, we do not even think that there is any need to understand jokes or improve your sense of humor. There are no universal criteria of a good sense of humor, that’s why most people think that the sense of humor is an individual feature, which can vary. They also sure that all these competitions between humorists and comedians are unacceptable because there are no etalons in this market, who can say what is funny or what is not. You have your special, unique and unrepeatable sense of humor, which you should respect.

On the other hand, if you really want to become a better interlocutor, you can use different hints to improve this skill. Let’s consider some of them:

  • Watch different movies and series

Well, it is probably quite obvious but it is really useful to watch comedian movies or series to become a better humorist. Fortunately, there are a lot of products in the market, that’s why you can find the best alternative, which matches your needs and preferences. You can find these products also on Netflix. Moreover, we can recommend you to watch stand-ups of the most popular comedians, who know how to impress their fans. This source of jokes can help you too.

  • Read more books

There is no need to read a particular genre of books. Just read any literature to become more intelligent to break borders between you and other people. It can help to understand more jokes and to improve your sense of humor.

  • Find people who have a good sense of humor

We understand that it can be very difficult to find these people, but you should try to have tight relationships with this category of people. As you probably know, we try to “borrow” the most important habits and even phrases of other people, when we communicate with them from time to time. As a result, these relationships could be useful if you want to improve your sense of humor.


So, of course, it is extremely important to understand jokes and have a good sense of humor. This feature can help you in the future to gain success not only on your job but also in your private life. However, do not worry if your sense of humor is a little bit strange. Appreciate this aspect of your character because your sense of humor is one of the most important indicators of your real individuality.