Research Essay Template: How to Write it Well

Research Essay Template

Writing a good research essay template is instrumental in the success of your essay. First, an outline is a great tool for holding your thoughts together so that you can have an easy time writing it. Additionally, it will help you to have an orderly flow of ideas as you navigate the writing process. This way, you will approach your assignment knowing where you need to put which thoughts. In addition, a good outline will benefit your readers since it will help him or her to navigate the essay easily due to the orderly flow of ideas. This way, they will be in a better position to understand the details of your paper than if you had scattered them everywhere. If you have been having difficulties writing a great research essay template, you can perfect your skills here by reading our outlining guide.

research essay template


The introduction of your paper is its entry point where you welcome your readers to get on board with you as you take a common journey towards a defined destination. Here, you will get the reader into what you want to discuss using the following three components:

  • A hook statement
  • The main purpose of having a hooking statement is to get the attention of the reader so that they can start the journey with you. After the attraction, the hook will help in arousing an interest in them to read your paper until the end.

  • Background information
  • After getting the reader’s attention and gaining their interest, you need to give them a hint of what they should expect from the paper as it unfolds. However, it is necessary to keep off from spilling too many details at this stage.

  • Thesis statement
  • You will need to include your thesis statement at the end of your introduction. This statement is one of the most effective tools for establishing a coherent base and structure around which the remaining parts of the essay will revolve. By including this statement, you will give your paper a strategic sense of direction upon which you will build the essence of all your arguments. This way, you will show your reader how you will approach your topic.

Research Essay Writing Guide

Body paragraphs

This is the only platform you have to validate and show the reader the merit of your thesis statement. Here, you will need to supply your readers with the evidence they need regarding why you have taken your stand on your topic. When doing a research essay assignment, you can use as many paragraphs as you have as long as they are all dedicated to the number of arguments you have. Your paragraphs will serve the following main objectives:

  • To supply support for your thesis statement through evidence
  • To give credibility to your work using thoughts and ideas that are grounded in facts
  • To demonstrate your intelligence and understanding of your field by quoting authorities in your field of study

Research Essay Formatting Guide


After defending your research essay’s thesis, you need to bring your readers to the peak of everything and offer them the following:

  • Provoke the reader to action in response to what you have discussed in the body paragraphs of your paper
  • A rephrased version of your thesis statement so that the reader can once again see its merit and validity
  • State the importance of your subject so that the reader can know why the whole paper is significant to them or anyone else
  • Give the reader a summary of the main ideas you used to defend your essay’s thesis statement

You now have a clear picture of what you need to draft an effective research paper template that will guide you through the entire writing process of your essay. By abiding by the template we have provided in this guide, you will bring yourself to a more advantageous position to perfect the way you approach your assignments. In addition, you will give your readers an easy time navigating your essay from the start to end. We believe that your next research essay project will be a breeze since you will approach it with a better outline, and hence, enjoy better grades for your efforts.

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