Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet

Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet

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William Shakespeare is a genius of a world literature

It is not a secret that students usually do not like Romeo and Juliet because this book is difficult and too long. As a result, they do not want to read it but they do not even understand the importance of this book. The story about Romeo and Juliet is one the most popular and tragic stories in the world literature. William Shakespeare understands how to impress readers and he managed to do that. This book is one of the bestsellers even now. People from all over the world know these characters.

If you are one of those people who has not read this novel yet, you should change this situation as soon as possible. Do you really think that it is a bad book, which will not be interesting for you? We think that such a masterpiece could not be ignored and each person has to know the main plot of this story. So, if you are one of these people, who have not read this story before, we decided to prepare a short article, in which we will consider the main advantages and disadvantages of Mercutio. Despite the fact that this character is not the main subject of the story, he is very interesting too, that’s why we want to consider him more precisely. Continue reading if you want to figure out more because we are going to start right now!

Who is Mercutio? What are the main features of Mercutio?

Mercutio is one of the main characters of the tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”, which was written by a genius of a literature – William Shakespeare. He is Romeo’s best friend. They know each other from the early childhood, when both of them were young. However, we should admit that both of them were quick-tempered kids. AS you probably know, according to the plot of this tragedy, Mercutio is a close relative of Prince Veronsky. This young person wastes all his free time with friends. They do everything that they want because nobody can stop them. The author of this story shows their character very colorful especially when we figure out that Mercutio is even ready to die in order to help his friends. It is a real friendship, which is so rare in our real life. Sorry for spoilers but as you probably know, Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy and it is quite obvious that it cannot be finished with the happy end. Mercutio was killed by Juliet’s impudent cousin Tybalt. Mercutio also declared a very popular phrase before his death when he mentioned: “Plague take your families both!” Unfortunately, even people who do not know the plot of this story, realize that this death was not the only tragedy in this story. Mercutio was an ordinary catalyst and a harbinger of many other deaths in the near future and it is very sad that such a good character has to die.

The reader gets acquainted with Mercutio at a ball at Capulet, when disguised, Romeo and his friends secretly entered the festival. He behaves freely and seeks adventure to change his story and make fun a little bit. However, it doesn’t mean that he does not understand how to be as a true representative of high society and courteousness, the author of the story, William Shakespeare, characterizes this character as a lucky seducer and a hunter who wants to conquer ladies’ hearts. On the other hand, we should admit that he still is an affectionate, refined and noble young person. In addition, do not forget that there is a scene with Benvolio. He appears on the square in a conversation. They are interrupted by the appearance of the arrogant and snobby cousin Juliette with his retinue. After that, he dies after a fierce battle when he was injured by Tybalt. Romeo was the last person who saw Mercutio. This moment is very horrible and it is so sad that one of the most interesting characters has to die. On the other hand, Romeo didn’t hesitate and he wanted to get revenge, that’s why he decided to eliminate the killer who was the reason for the death of his friend.


Therefore, we think that Romeo and Juliet is a real masterpiece and it is almost impossible to prove another point of view. If you haven’t read this book yet, you should do that as soon as possible because it is one of the etalons of a good story. As for Mercutio, he is a real friend who even managed to die in order to help his friend. I would like to have such a good friend as Mercutio. Finally, it is an additional proof that William Shakespeare really knew how to describe good and noble characters.