Integration of Mobile Apps into Education

Integration of Mobile Apps into Education research essay sample

Our technology constantly evolves. This evolution brings changes that affect every single aspect of our day-to day life. We have new technologies that make our existence so much easier that it is truly quite astonishing. We pay bills, buy groceries, order taxi using new technologies. And since quite recently, everything we might ever need we can have on our cell phones. There is an app for everything! We even starting to understand that we can significantly improve our educational systems with the use of these mobile apps. But how should we integrate them in order to benefit the most?

What good can integration of mobile apps bring to our education? First of all, the one thing that makes apps great – they are accessible for everyone. Nearly every person over the age of six possess a mobile phone today. More than a billion people connect to Internet via a mobile phone. That means that almost anyone can download and install an educational app. That can help us solve a major problem of our education – it can help make it available for everyone who needs it.

Finding the necessary information has always been quite a complicated thing to do. Years ago, a person would need to go to a library to even attempt to find something. With the inventions of the Internet it has all became much easier. Today, people can access nearly any information with a click of a button on their phone. This abundance of accessible information only means that learning and teaching is becoming a much easier thing to do than it was ever before.

Despite being an amazing tool for students, mobile apps can greatly ease the burden we put on our teachers. With the help of an app, a teacher can, for example, interact with students on a scale that was impossible before. A teacher can create tests, assignments and other things in an app and make it available to every single person in the class with a few clicks of a button. He or she doesn’t even have to be a developer, there are plenty of apps that do this thing. Also, apps can help teachers create a sort of community with their students and be sure that no one is left unattended. Keeping track of a class has certainly become easier in recent years.

These are the benefits of bringing mobile apps into our education. Of course, there are people that suggest that apps can also bring harm. For example, they argue that it would lead to a decrease in human interaction in classes and make student more alienated. However, most researches agree – the benefits are far more numerous than downsides. We simply need to figure out the way to make it all work together perfectly.


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