How to Write 5 Paragraph Essay

write 5 paragraph essay

What is 5 paragraph essay structure

5 paragraph essay format is considered to be the easiest and the most common format of essay writing. It has only 5 paragraphs and you may have heard about it as hamburger essay. It is a standard assignment of college homework and exams. Writing such essays you are going to develop your analytical and composing skills. Using this hints you will know how to write 5 paragraph essay easily and fast.

Example of topics

5 paragraph essay topics are not limited to the one theme. You can choose everything you are interested in. Moreover, it will make your writing easier and even more fascinating. Sometimes there is no choice and you have to write about some stuff you don’t like. In this case just deal with it and try to relax. There are some examples which you can use as an idea for your 5 paragraph essay topic:

  • How technology will change our lives in ten years?
  • How divorce affects children?
  • What marriages are better: official or civil ones?
  • Books or computer. Who will be winner in future?
  • Cloning is the future of the mankind

It is obviously not exhaustive list of topics you can use. Firstly, choose the category of your essay. For example health, computer science, design, economics etc.

5 paragraph essay topic ideas everywhere, from the book to the social network.

How to write an outline

Start with writing an outline for your essay. It will help you to organize your thoughts. Even professional writers usually do it, so don’t be shy. Writing a 5 paragraph essay outline is pretty easy, when you now its structure. So, let’s get to it:

  • Introduction

1 paragraph where you introduce your topic, take your position and get reader’s attention

  • Body paragraph

3 paragraphs where you support and develop main idea with 3 different evidences, quotes etc.

  • Conclusion

1 paragraph where you summarize everything and make exhaustive conclusion, but in the same time give reader some chances to think about main topic

Then you just have to make outline for 5 paragraph essay. This will require only writing your thoughts under certain paragraphs of the sketch.

What is persuasive essay

Persuasive 5 paragraph essay it is essay used to make people believe in writer’s ideas or thoughts. After reading this essay readers have to take your position for or against some question.  It has standard structure: introduction, body and conclusion. In introductory paragraph you have to make persuasive thesis statement to get reader’s attention. In the next three ones just make convincing cases. Don’t doubt your opinion, because it will not be persuasive essay.

Also, you can write 5 paragraph essay on a book, which you just have read. It can be good topic for the text. You can convince your readers to like and read it or criticize it.

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