How to Draft a Reflective Essay Template

Reflective Essay Template

Unlike other types of essays, a reflective essay does not have a certain structure. The reason is that it is a bit challenging to write them as per the standard essay scheme. This difficulty arises from the blurry nature of their conclusions and thesis statements. Therefore, it is important to note this fact before proceeding to draft a reflective essay template.

But despite the above difficulty, it is still necessary to have a structure you can work with since it is better this way than operating in a vacuum of order. Essentially, your essay will still have the three main parts namely the intro, body, and conclusion. If you want to know how best you can outline your reflective essays, here is a complete guide that will share out some nuggets of wisdom on how to do it best.

Reflective Essay Template


In your reflective essay template, the intro of your paper will serve as the official entry point for your readers to get along with you as you cruise together towards a shared destination. In this section, you will have three main components, as we shall see below.

  • A hook
  • No matter how great your paper is, you will accomplish nothing with it if you will not get your readers on board. That is why the opening statement of your paper has to be strategic enough to achieve this goal. You will need to open your paper with a statement that will attract the attention of you reader to your paper. After the attraction, the hooking part of your essay should arrest and maintain the interest of the reader so that they can come to a point where they want to read the paper because it is interesting, and not as a formality.

  • Background information
  • Here, you should tell the reader what you encountered or did. If you watched a movie that left a lasting impression on you, you need to tell them so that they can have a clear clue of what you will dwell on. However, you should refrain from the temptation of spilling all beans here since you have an entire body section to do all that.

  • Thesis statement

In a reflective assignment, your thesis statement will revolve around what you learnt from an experience or event. You will have to draft it to show the reader that what you learned or picked from whatever you encountered. It is necessary to draft it in a manner you can debate properly and successfully.

Reflective Essay Writing Guide

The body

The body section of your reflective essay is that place where you will have to tell it all. Here, you will have three main paragraphs that will serve the following purposes:

  • Paragraph 1
  • This paragraph will give the reader a full description of the event or experience that transformed your life or your view towards it. Here, you have to give the reader all the details they need to know about the object you are reflecting upon.

  • Paragraph 2
  • After telling the reader in details what you are reflecting upon, show them how that particular object affected you or other people around you. Here, you ought to very descriptive and elaborate so that the reader can see the logic behind your description since if you cannot show them the effect, then there is no point in having chosen your object of description in the first place.

  • Paragraph 3
  • Lastly, you will have to show your readers what you learnt from the whole experience you had with the object you chose to discuss. This last paragraph carries the biggest weight since if you fail to show the impact and lessons, the whole essay loses meaning and validity.

Reflective Essay Formatting Guide


The last part of your reflective essay template needs to give your reader a summary of what you have been discussing. Here, you will show them what you learnt from your experience, why that particular encounter is important, and reemphasize the value of your thesis statement.

With all these facts before you, you are now in a better position to draft your reflective paper outline well. Use these ideas to take your writing skills to the next level of proficiency.

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