How can composting help save the environment?

It becomes more and more popular in different cities, towns, schools, universities and farms to apply the compost instead of just throwing away all the stuff. The benefits of it are fully realized and known all over the world.

If we become active participants involved into this eco-friendly process, we will obtain that considerable results for global environment. It comes not only about our everyday home kitchen wastes, but also, for example, some small businesses and different organizations.

What are the advantages of composting?

Composting is a commonly used practice for some territories on the map, for instance, North America, Australia, New Zealand and some European countries do it regularly engaging the society to be more environmentally-minded and effective in this way.

The following measures do not require plenty of money, this is actually people’s attitude to nature and desire to live in better surrounding. That shows the development level of the country drawn into this process.

New York serves as an exemplar here; no citizens face a more formidable task than its people. According to the statistics, they collect something about 10,000 tons of different stuff per day. The same comes about additional materials appropriate for recycling, that means they filter garbage and letter every day to reduce the amount of wastes. Land and water pollution has become a challenging matter of our contemporary society and the composting can definitely change this situation.

Landfill is not the way-out at all, moreover it is considered as out-of-date and should be recognized as completely unacceptable, especially if to speak about overpopulated cities with enormous volumes of wastes. What is more, the New York city implemented a special pilot project aimed at the collection and sorting of that materials and further composting of it. Will you find anything more environmentally friendly?

Here are the benefits of composting method:

  • Avoiding of landfills, that can protect us from greenhouse gases;
  • Plants are growing in healthier conditions;
  • Reducing of the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemical matters which can be very harmful for animals, fish and people.

Unfortunately, our contemporary methods of waste management are very ineffective. There are too many landfill sites where the needed oxygen, which is vital for decaying process assistance, cannot get to that layers. It has been proved, that the greenhouse gases that were released with landfill stuff negatively influence the climate on our planet.

Global warming phenomenon is our current tragedy that becomes more and more tangible from year to year and requires active measures implementations on a global level.

What are the other positive effects of composting for our environment?

People determined several more obvious advantages of composting method. The thing is that fertilizers have been accepted as a considerable source of water contamination, and when binding to compost, they become less harmful for soil and groundwater. The special microorganisms in compost are able to perform such peculiar function as soil heavy metals binding. As the result they cannot leach into different layers of water.

Moreover, there are also other organisms that influence some pollutants in a break-down way, making them less toxic for nature. Consequently, these organic materials are frequently used as a remedy for extremely polluted sites.

Composting as a rule for every nation

It is not necessarily to make the list of all the environment problems we have at the moment in the whole world, as we know about them since school time. Some continents and countries feel them more than the others, that is why they strive to use various measures for their environment improvement and help.

To develop eco-friendlier understanding and attitude, we have to start from ourselves and bring it to our children through simple communication and explanation.

The next step is to organize environment dedicated lectures and events at schools and universities making young generation more conscious about the problems and interested to act as a part of volunteer groups. The last and the most important stage here is the strengthening of environment protection measures implementation on the governmental level.

If to take these stages as a whole, we can change a lot together and live in healthier and comfortable conditions caring about nature.


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