Here is Your Ultimate Synthesis Essay Template

Synthesis Essay Template

At the heart of planning for an effective synthesis essay lies a great outline. If you want to come have a smooth time writing your essay or if you want your readers to have an easy time reading your paper, you need a good outline. This is crucial since it allows you to maintain the structure of your paper. Also, a synthesis essay template will assist you in knowing the right place to include every material in your paper. With that in mind, here is a complete model of how you need to outline your synthesis papers.

Synthesis Essay Template

The introduction

This initial part of your paper will comprise the following key parts:

  • A captivating opening that hooks the reader
  • You can open your paper with a statement that will attract and capture the attention of your readers so that they can want to read the essay. You may use an anecdote, a quote from a popular person your audience respect, startling facts and figures, or debunking a myth.

  • Background information
  • After getting the reader on board and “locking” them in, you need to introduce them to your agenda. Here, you should give them background information on what you will discuss in your paper.

  • Your thesis statement
  • The last part of your introduction will be your thesis statement. This little sentence of belief will show your reader how you intend to handle your topic and the personal debatable position you have adopted regarding it.

Synthesis Essay Writing Guide

The body

This part of your paper will act as your gist, where you give the reader everything you promised them at the beginning. Here, you will also defend your thesis statement.

  • Concession and rebutting
  • At this stage, you will need to give your reader a summary of our personal point of view regarding the issue at hand. You will have to include arguments against it also.

  • Rebutting
    • Offer your reason contrary to what your thesis statement stands for
    • Give sufficient evidence to prove this idea
    • Show your readers why and how that position i
    • s not valid

    • Give counter facts and explain why it is not a valid position after all
    • Conclude and give your comments on the issue at hand

    Your first reason

    • Give the least effective proof that corroborates your thesis statement
    • Write down the topic statement that leads up to your idea
    • Cite from one of your sources
    • Give proof to back your idea
    • Comment on your evidence and why you think it makes sense to your audience
    • Wind up your paragraph by summarizing all the major ideas that you captured in your topic sentence

    Your second reason

    • Write down the second most impactful reason to support your thesis statement
    • Select an appropriate topic sentence
    • Include every fact and concept that supports your personal position and comment on it
    • Make a conclusion considering topic statement and proof

    Your third reason

    • Lastly, list your most powerful reason behind your thesis statement
    • Take advantage of your topic statement to argue your case
    • Cite from several of your sources and then comment on them
    • Supply evidence to support your thesis statement and comment on it to show its relevance
    • Provide a conclusion summing up all the facts.

Synthesis Essay Formatting Guide


  • Write a summary of every fact and major concept you have determined to deliver
  • You need to rehash your thesis statement to show your readers its relevance and value by paraphrasing or stating it the way it appears at the beginning
  • Summarize your argument and give an appropriate example
  • Remember to tie up all loose ends by including a call-to-action that has a relevant moral bearing. Also, you should convince your reader to see the value of your personal stand on the matter you have been discussing

You are now up to date with how you need to outline your synthesis essay. We believe that the pattern we have shared with you will sharpen your ability to write better a synthesis essay template that will facilitate your writing process. So, take the ideas and enjoy writing your future synthesis essays, and make the most out of such assignments. Or turn to us for professional assistance, we can perform this job flawlessly for you!

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