Here is Your Comprehensive Analytical Essay Template

Before taking your time to write your analytical essay, it is necessary to plan it first. One of the most important parts of the planning process is outlining your paper. When you take this approach and draft an analytical essay template, it becomes very convenient for you to navigate the writing process since you know what you need to put where. In addition, you get a holding structure that helps you to present your ideas in a logically manner. Lastly, a good analytical essay template will allow you to save time since you will not need to arrive at the end or middle of your paper only to discover that you had forgotten a critical point you needed to include in your assignment. To help you enjoy the benefits of such an outline in your future assignments, here is our guide on how to outline your analytical essay.

The introduction

The introduction of your essay will act as the entry point for your reader where you welcome and remain with them up to the end of your journey. It will include the following main components:

  • A hook statement
  • This part of your intro will act as your main point of attraction since it grabs and retains the attention and interest of your readers. You can draft it in the form of a provocative question or an interesting fact about your discussion.

  • Background details
  • After securing the attention of your readers, you now need to tell them what you want to share with them. You will have to give them a brief description of what you they should expect you to cover as the essay progresses.

  • Transition sentence
  • You will also need to include a transition sentence between the background information and the thesis statement

  • Thesis statement
  • This sentence is your personal statement of belief regarding the topic you are handling. It needs to come at the end of your introduction and create a seamless transition to the body paragraphs.

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Body paragraphs

The body paragraph is the engine of your analytical essay template without which your entire essay will collapse. The reason is that it is the primary and the only platform where you can give the reader the evidence they require to see the validity of your thesis statement. That is why this section can be termed as being the “defense” line of your analytical essay since it gives you a platform to mount a defense for your thesis statement. It will feature the following key parts:

  • Topic sentence
  • This sentence introduces every paragraph to give the reader an idea of what you intend to discuss thereafter.

  • Analysis
  • This critical section of your paper allows you to analyze your evidence and explains how best it corroborates and proves your thesis statement. The analysis should be between one and two sentences.

  • The proof
  • After analyzing facts, you will need to bolster your analysis with concrete evidence. Here, you will show your reader how well you handled your research based on the analysis you had made before.

  • Concluding sentence
  • Once you are done with your analysis and supporting it with evidence, you will need to draft a concluding paragraph. Just as you had the topic sentence that opened the reader’s eyes to what you intended to share, this sentence will do the highlight what you have discussed with them. It will help the reader to see the significance of what you have been discussing in the paragraph.

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The conclusion can be compared to the landing of an airplane. It is the last opportunity you have to get your readers to see the value of your thesis statement. In your analytical essay template, this section will have the following main components:

  • A restatement of your thesis statement
  • A complete summary of your key ideas and thoughts
  • An overall statement that concludes everything you have been discussing

To this point, you now have a clear picture of how your next analytical essay needs to look like. With a good analytical essay template in place, we believe you can have an easy time writing your future assignments as well as allowing your readers to navigate them easily.

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