Here Is Your Argumentative Essay Formatting Guide

Argumentative Essay Formatting

Argumentative essays are some of the few forms of academic writings that allow you to assume the posture of a lawyer and argue a case for or against a particular topic. In many cases, it is very easy for some students to confuse an argumentative essay with a persuasive one. The reason is that both of them have a similar focus and end—convincing the reader. But where does the difference come in?

The main difference between these two assignments is not based on their end, but rather, the means you will adopt to achieve that end. When tackling argumentative essays, you will use reason and facts as your primary tools for arguing your case. On the other hand, a persuasive essay requires you to use moral reasoning and emotional appeals to achieve your goal.

As you remain with this discourse, you are going to learn how to format these assignments better by using different formatting requirements such as MLA and APA. Therefore, stay put as we progress.

Using the argumentative essay APA format p>In cases where your tutors instruct you to format your argumentative essay using this style, abide by these following instructions. The overall guidelines will take the following shape:

  • Use a white paper that measures 8.5 by 11 inches
  • Atop, below, and on the sides of the paper, you are supposed to leave single-inch margins
  • The style requires you to double space your entire paper
  • New Times Roman is the officially approved font with a 12-point size
  • All your pages require running heads
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    Working with argumentative essay MLA formatp>When using this style to format your papers, your essays will assume a shape that looks like this:

    • Your paper should be white with an 8.5 by 11-inch measurement
    • You have to indent all the words that open your paragraphs with a 0.5-inch indent
    • Atop, beneath, and on the sides of your assignments, leave a one-inch spacing
    • 12 points is the approved type face size
    • Times New Roman is the officially preferred typeface
    • Double space the whole argumentative essay
    • Give your punctuations and periods a single spacing unless your instructor asks you to do otherwise
    The argumentative essay Chicago formatp>Chicago is a leading formatting style, and you have to master it since many times your tutors will request you to use it to format your assignments. When you receive such requests, abide by these guidelines.

    The general page layout:

    • The recommended font types are Times and Times New Roman with a 12-point size
    • You will need to double space all your pages
    • Beneath, atop, and on the sides of your paper, leave a single-inch margin
    • When starting all your paragraphs, leave a 0.5-inch indentation to allow for block quotes
    • Remember to justify your texts to the left of the paper
    • Insert numbers at the top right corners of your paper beginning with the initial page
    • For printing specifications, it is prudent to liaise with your tutor to establish whether they prefer you to print on one or the two sides of the paper

    The cover page:

    • Center your paper’s title in its middle
    • You should center your name directly beneath it
    • Avoid using decorative fonts, bolding, and underlining on this page
    • You need to exempt this page from numbering because it is not a part of your overall page count
    • Write your instructor’s name, course title and block, and date in three lines. Remember to center them beneath your page

    The paper’s overall assembling should look like this:

    • Your cover or title page
    • The body
    • You paper’s appendix, if necessary
    • Notes
    • Bibliography


    Using the argumentative essay Harvard format

    ll need to follow the following requirements to format your argumentative essay using Harvard:
    Paraphrasing and citation inside texts:

    • When mentioning an author’s name within texts, it is a mandatory requirement to add the year and the page number/s
    • If your entries have the same author and year, add a, b, or c to the year in the text and reference list
    • When making quotations and citations:

    • Make sure that you incorporate the page numbers in your citation and enclose it with a single quotation mark. It is also needful to incorporate the author’s name
    • Example1:
      ‘Insects are a critical pillar in the ecosystem’ (David 2009, p. 45).

      Example 2:
      David (2009, p. 45) maintains that ‘We cannot ignore the pivotal role insects play in the ecosystem and expect things to work well.’

      Making block quotes and citations inside texts:

    • When making a quote that exceeds 30 words, then you need to utilize a freestanding block. You need to indent them five spaces from the margin and make them smaller than the other nearby texts by a single point. Also, avoid enclosing the quotes

    Argumentative essa

    Argumentative essay citation requirements

    thin your text is one way of cementing the authority of your paper. In this guide, we shall use the APA as our model because space and the mandate of our discussion do not allow us to have a complete coverage of the other formatting styles. When using this style in referencing, summarizing, or making quotes from other sources, it is mandatory to pay special attention to these critical details as stipulated in the APA formatting style and guidelines:

    • You have to create corresponding entries in your reference list for all the citations you make within your texts
    • It is also needful for students to use the author’s last name and the year they published their work
    • When making direct quotations, it is mandatory to incorporate the page number also, for instance: (Kevin, 2009, p.69).
    • When citing online sources such as websites that don’t have page numbers, it is mandatory to use paragraph numbers

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    With the insights and ideas we have shared in this guide cemented in your mind, you have every reason to confront your limitations by taking your skills to a higher level. We firmly believe that by utilizing these ideas, you will advance your game and enter a new level of mastery.