Five Reasons for Littering

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What causes people to litter?

If every human on the Earth stops littering, we will have a clean and neat planet. Everything seems so easy and so obvious that it doesn’t require any explanation for anyone. However, we have a very controversial situation in the modern society. We can take any city in the US and compare it to any city in India. We will be shocked by the difference in the way people treat littering. There are five major reasons why people litter and they all can be easily removed.

The first reason for littering is that people don’t feel personal responsibility for the environment that surrounds them. Here I mean public places like parks, squares, beaches and so on. This reason can easily turn littering into a habit during only two weeks. So if we come to the place where everyone is doing this, we will get used to littering very soon. And the worst thing here is that getting rid of this habit takes much more time.

The second reason for littering is that people don’t consider litter as their problem. They think that the government or any local body is responsible for cleaning the territory. People throw away rubbish and wait until someone will come and clean the territory around them. But no one comes and the amount of litter is constantly growing. The way out here is educating people and showing them the easiest ways of cleaning the nearest territory.

The third reason for throwing away rubbish is a strong belief that there’s always someone who will clean this area. That there’s a person that is responsible for picking up the rubbish that this very person has just thrown onto the ground. This misconception is very difficult to get rid of as there are many people who pay taxes or pay for cleaning the neighborhood. And they feel like they have gained the right to litter on this territory.

The fourth reason for littering is that there’s already dirty. It has been proven by numerous investigations that people don’t throw away their rubbish if it’s clean and neat everywhere. And people tend to throw away rubbish if it’s already dirty there. We all can analyze our behavior or try to remember all the cases when we did this very bad thing called littering.

The fifth reason for littering is the desire to spoil something. Yes, there are people that get a specific joy from doing bad things. And they litter intentionally to spoil the environment or just make someone mad about it. It’s hard to fight against such people as they do it for fun and they feel motivated about littering. And they’re likely to ignore all the warnings or requests not to do it in the future.

Is it real to overcome littering?

There are countries where the problem of littering is strongly controlled and people can have real problems if they break the law. It can be a big sum of money that they have to pay of cleaning the streets for a long period of time. And there are people who watch and supervise all the people not to throw any kind of rubbish in public places. Of course, no one ever controls what is happening in the private apartments.

And there are countries where there are the laws prohibiting littering, but they don’t actually work. Residents of these countries don’t know about the laws or they break them intentionally. We all can google the names of such countries or we can even visit them. But what we can do to make these territories clean is a difficult question to find a good answer that would fit everyone.

However, there’s one way of fighting against littering. It’s educating people starting from an early age. And we should combine education with the total supervision over the behavior of people in public places. Therefore, we’ll remove the major reasons for littering. And we will see a much cleaner territory around us in a very short period of time. So we analyze the situation, define the key reasons and find the solutions. And we enjoy the result.


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