Elon Musk’s Human 2.0 Initiative

Elon Musk’s Human 2.0 Initiative

Artificial intelligence has recently become of the main issues on the agenda of numerous world famous developers. Once being implemented by a few of most powerful world companies, including Google, artificial intelligence issue remains a highly debated question since most of the people think it may change the entire history of humanity. While some people predict the AI development will wipe out all human race, most of the philosophers, scientists, and activists afraid of human society to become obsolete as a result of rapid development of artificial intelligence industry.

Why do they have such fears? Honestly, there are more than a few reasons to think in a familiar way. First, machines have bigger productivity, they need no rest, and can perform many tasks in the multitasking regime. Besides, machines can perform any task faster than an ordinary person ever could. Even if people have not figured it out yet, the automatization has already become a common phenomenon, rapidly spreading over the entire world. There are already an impressive list of machines, which can perform human’s work with better productivity scale. It includes not only calculations, analytics, engineering, but also novels writing (Digital Trends) e.g. Quite an impressive range of possibilities, don’t you think?

Elon Musk, one of the world’s most popular entrepreneurs, have spent the biggest part of his life working with artificial intelligence issues. Being sure of AI exceptional importance for the human race, Musk hopes to see a new more advanced human being created with the usage of AI technologies’ benefits. During the recent Summit in Dubai, he has represented his own vision of humans merging with machines. The main goal of such a merging is the need to evade humans’ biological limits and put people on the same line with machines. His new initiative is created in order to make humans more advanced and powerful beings.

This exceptional and quite controversial initiative is called Neuralink. This project is aimed to create a brain-computer interface to be further implanted into a human brain with the main purpose to put people on the same line with machines. Probably, such implants have been presented only in science fiction books yet. In the same time, certain brain implants versions are presented in medicine, including special electrodes used for treating such diseases as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and others. Musk wants his project to change a lot in human history since he assumes once the AI reaches its highest point of development, people in their current conditions will stay far behind.

Most of the scientists, who keeps seeing Musk’s initiative as the entire human race’s threat, suggest people pay attention to a safety concern. Scientists cannot get an answer whether people will face a threat of their minds being monitored by the brain implants’ manufacturers or not. In the same time, what kind of protection will be used in order to avoid any possible hackers’ attacks? Just imagine the fact of someone’s mind being hacked. Sounds terrible, right? Moreover, the privacy issue can also be threatened by a collective artificial mind concept, which in theory must join people’s minds into a single extremely powerful collective mind.

In such a case, none of the excised science fiction novels will be able to solve the erased questions. Still, they have already shown the main parts of humans’ activity, which could be threatened by merging with machines, including safety concepts, lack of privacy, hacker’s threats, etc. Biology and technology merging looks great and impressive only in Hollywood movies, but no one knows how it can be implemented in real society, with real humans. In the same time, Elon Musk’s initiative remains quite real, since it can bring both great powers for humans and big threats people never faced before.


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