Five Reasons for Littering

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What causes people to litter?

If every human on the Earth stops littering, we will have a clean and neat planet. Everything seems so easy and so obvious that it doesn’t require any explanation for anyone. However, we have a very controversial situation in the modern society. We can take any city in the US and compare it to any city in India. We will be shocked by the difference in the way people treat littering. There are five major reasons why people litter and they all can be easily removed.

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Should the Government Censor Internet Content Deemed Inappropriate?

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Control over the Internet and online anonymity are the topics that are constantly discussed by technical experts, security workers, as well as government officials. The scale of the Internet coverage, the influence of the network on the world community prove that the further development of this structure without any settlement and control is impossible. Furthermore, there are also opinions that monitoring of users’ activities is a purposeful restriction of their freedoms and constitutional rights.

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Necessity of Dress Codes for Teachers in Colleges Sample Essay

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One-of-a-kind humans have distinctive opinion concerning to this query. On the one hand, a few people consider that dressing uniforms makes the colleges seem like unified and properly organized; alternatively, there are many folks who oppose the idea of wearing uniforms. in my factor of view, it is better to let instructors put on what they want to carrying uniforms because wearing specific clothes help trainer to construct rapport, and assist lesson more simple and attractive to learn for students.

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Should teachers be allowed to have cell phones in the classroom?

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It goes without saying that using a phone during lessons should be prohibited for students. Modern smartphones are disrupting studying process in many ways, starting from being a versatile tool for cheating to becoming the main distraction factor for the whole classroom. Thus limitations of the smartphone usage during lessons are justified (The Atlantic, 2012). But is this statement also fair for the teachers?

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