Valley of ashes as a failure of American Dream

valley of ashes

In schools and colleges, works of Francis Scott Fitzgerald are studied. One of the most popular Fitzgerald’s novels is The Great Gatsby. So every student meets the question “What is the valley of ashes in the great gatsby?” Quizlet, Google, and other sources can give you brief information about that, but actually, the place described in chapter 2 is important for the understanding of all this book.

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The Disintegration And The Persistence of Memory: Two Facets of the Time

The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory

Salvador Dali behaved boldly, provocatively, paradoxically, disrespectfully with all those ideas, principles, values and people whom he dealt with. The family, rules of decency, political forces, the old masters’ paintings – everything was attacked by his sharp word and brush. He brought the ideas of the surrealism to the extreme point. From this point, everything traditional like faith, morality, and sound mind does not look reasonable, and vice versa, they become a synonym of deception and lethargy.

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Social Judgment theory

Social judgment theory

Social Judgment theory has been researched for a long period, and it continues to be the topic of great interest in the area of social psychology. The way we interact between each other and try to influence one’s decision is included into the discussion process of the following theory. Its implementation helps to explain and understand how we perceive and evaluate persuasive arguments and standpoints.

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