Holistic vs. Alternative Cancer Treatment

Cancer is an aggressive and dangerous disease that affects millions of people worldwide. During the past decades, many clinical trials have been conducted to develop the most effective, safe, and evidence-based therapy approaches that increase the survival rate and make the treatment process less traumatic (Soria et al., 2011). Researchers now try to understand the causes and pathogenesis of cancer to make the treatment process more holistic. Continue reading “Holistic vs. Alternative Cancer Treatment”

Types of Cancer and How They Are Related

Cancer is an aggressive disease that affects thousands of people worldwide. It can affect different body parts – from brain and lungs to skin and tissues. There are several main types of cancer including sarcoma, carcinoma, leukemia, lymphoma, and brain and spire cord cancers, which differ by the part of the body they initially affect (WebMD, 2017). Although they all have different manifestations, the pathogenesis is always the same – they develop when healthy cells begin dividing in an uncontrolled fashion, causing serious damage to the body (Frank, 2011). In this short essay, I aim to provide a brief overview of the primary types of cancer and their progression, as well as provide recommendations regarding the prevention and timely diagnosis of this disease.

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Coma Recovery: Techniques, Successes, New Strategies

Contemporary medicine has developed advanced supportive and rehabilitation methods that allow helping people with serious brain injuries. During the past decade, many clinical trials have been conducted to understand how to help patients in coma, which has contributed to the emergence of effective, evidence-based techniques and approaches. Today, doctors can determine if a person can recover from comma by assessing the neurological response (Fitzgerald, 2017), and they have some innovative approaches to supporting the body to stimulate the return of consciousness and gradual recovery (Dehaene, 2014). In this short essay, I conduct a brief overview of the current advancements and suggest that coma is a reversible condition that may soon be treated more effectively.

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