Here Is Your Argumentative Essay Formatting Guide

Argumentative Essay Formatting

Argumentative essays are some of the few forms of academic writings that allow you to assume the posture of a lawyer and argue a case for or against a particular topic. In many cases, it is very easy for some students to confuse an argumentative essay with a persuasive one. The reason is that both of them have a similar focus and end—convincing the reader. But where does the difference come in? Continue reading “Here Is Your Argumentative Essay Formatting Guide”

An Excellent Persuasive Essay Formatting Guide

Persuasive Essay Formatting

Persuasive papers allow you to play the advocate and argue for or against a certain position. In many instances, some students end up confusing a persuasive essay with an argumentative one because the two types of assignments have a similar objective—to convince a reader. So, what differentiates these two similar, and yet, different kinds of writing assignments? Continue reading “An Excellent Persuasive Essay Formatting Guide”