Argumentative Essay on Global Warming

Global warming is one of the most dangerous threats faced by the humanity. Uncontrolled human activity, especially massive deforestation and fossil fuel use, adversely affects the climate of this planet, leading to irreversible changes that may someday destroy the life on the earth as we know it (WWF, 2016). The rising ocean level and increasing temperatures now affect only the most vulnerable parts of the world but may soon change lives of everyone without exception. Although there are still many skeptics who argue that the climate change is nothing more than the horror story made up by conservationists, evidence suggests that the problem is extremely serious, and its effects are already visible (Greenpeace, 2016). In this short essay, the researcher explores numerous consequences of the global warming for the climate, nature, and people to demonstrate the urgency of the issue.

Before analyzing the consequences of global warming, one needs to briefly explain why it happens and to what extent people are responsible for this change. (National Geographic, 2017). With the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the temperatures on the earth have begun rising steadily due to greenhouse gases emitted by plants and machines. Technological progress has undoubtedly made people’s lives easier, but it required enormous amounts of energy, products, and food that could not be created without adversely affecting the environment. Moreover, as people continue to destroy forests, they also destroy the means of CO2 storage, the lungs of this planet without which the climate would be irreversibly changed (National Geographic, 2017). Farming is also a problem in the face of the growing demand because livestock and fertilizers produce greenhouse gas (WWF Australia, 2017).

Unfortunately, people are still unwilling to accept their responsibility for the climate change, which results in the gradual destruction of the planet’s environment. One of the most apparent consequences is the melting of glaciers and ancient polar ice and the subsequent rising of the ocean level (WWF, 2016). The climate on the poles becomes milder, and animals living there find it hard to adjust to the lack of ice. It is feared that many of them including polar bears will face the threat of extinction in the following several decades. Rising water also affects small island countries like Kiribati, which may soon lose all their paradise lands (Ives, 2016). However, the melting of ice may soon lead to massive floods on coasts worldwide, changing the face of the planet and urging millions of people to rebuild their lives elsewhere.

Climate change has put many species on the brink of extinction, and many of them will not be able to adjust if people continue to destroy their natural habitat and kill them for profit (Greenpeace, 2016). The delicate balance of ecosystems in the rain forests, mountains, deserts, and other locations has already been destroyed, and many species now have to find other ways to resists the climatic changes. Scientists argue that such animals as tigers, snow leopards, orangutans, elephants, and others will soon find it hard to find food and breed, while some of the most vulnerable species have already gone extinct (WWF, 2016).

Researchers warn that in the following decades, the consequences of global warming will become even more devastating. Although it is tempting to imagine how warm and nice it would be, one may not hope that higher temperatures would be the only effect of the climate change. Scientists emphasize that people should get ready for more frequent and severe weather conditions, floods, droughts, tornadoes, and storms (Denchak, 2016). Recent devastating storms that have affected the North America are believed to be associated with global warming, so one can no longer deny that the climate change is happening right now and requires urgent action.



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