50 Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics

Each student must have perfect writing skills because most of academic assignments should be passed in the written form. There are many types of written assignments: from simple essays up to research papers, but persuasive essays are considered the most interesting ones. However, to compose a good essay, it is extremely important to choose a topic correctly. Therefore, difficulties with persuasive essay topics are not surprising.

Interesting Topics for a Persuasive Essay

If you don’t know on what topic to write your persuasive essay, use any ready topic from the following list:

Parents and Children

  1. Is it better for children to choose the education field by themselves?
  2. The influence of school uniform on children: is it obligatory?
  3. Are parental rights more important than the rights of children?
  4. Is it necessary to improve juvenile justice?
  5. Is it necessary to allow children adoption for foreigners?
  6. Is it possible to reduce the number of divorces?
  7. Is it necessary to pay more attention to different causes of infant mortality?
  8. Is it possible to reveal marital infidelity?
  9. Is it necessary to introduce psychological counseling before the divorce?
  10. Is it possible to reduce the number of children suffer from abusive parents?


  1. The importance of blood donation: is it necessary?
  2. Is it possible to develop the sphere of organ donation?
  3. Is it necessary to introduce elemental medical training in school?
  4. Why is it necessary to do blood and other tests once a year?
  5. Is it ethical to eat meat?
  6. Is it necessary to go vegan?
  7. Why some people prefer vegetarian diet to others?
  8. Why is it better to care about your health from youth?
  9. Is it necessary to distribute condoms in schools for free?
  10. Why is it necessary to keep a diet?

Modern Technologies

  1. The influence of the Internet on human perception: is it really so good for us?
  2. Is it ethical to use spying programs to control your children?
  3. Is it necessary to defend privacy rights more serious?
  4. Is it possible to reveal marital infidelity with the help of modern devices?
  5. Is it necessary to reduce the time of online-surfing for an ordinary person?
  6. Is it possible to decrease the number of online hack cases?
  7. Is it important to reinforce penalties for hackers?
  8. How does Internet communication influence real-life relations?
  9. Is it possible to have no social network accounts nowadays?
  10. Why is it necessary to keep your personal information in secret online?

Topics about Human Personality

  1. Is effective leader a person who may achieve all his/her goals?
  2. What is more important: happiness or money?
  3. Is it possible to find a significant other on the first try?
  4. Is it better to be an egoist or not?
  5. Is it necessary to help animals?
  6. Is it ethical to be an atheist?
  7. Is it ethical to wear fur?
  8. Is it more necessary to love than to be loved?
  9. Is it possible to avoid military conflicts on a religious basis?
  10. How to reduce depression if necessary?

Our Environment

  1. Is it possible to prevent real estate recession?
  2. Is it possible to forbid animal testing at all?
  3. Is it better to save animals with the help of veganism?
  4. How to stop environmental pollution?
  5. The problem of recycling.
  6. Is it necessary to use hybrid cars?
  7. How to reduce consumption of natural resources?
  8. Is it necessary to make laws for protecting endangered species stricter?
  9. Why oil drilling in Alaska is dangerous?
  10. How to protect rainforests?

Persuasive Essay Samples

Topics for persuasive essays should be very talkative. Moreover, it is necessary to find some crucial questions to discuss. Hence, college persuasive essay topics should meet these requirements as well. It is also important to mention that some students may mix up two types of essays – argumentative and persuasive ones. Both of them have a similar structure: an introduction, three body paragraphs with minimum three arguments to prove the thesis statement given in the introductory part, and a conclusion. Nevertheless, some differences are still present. First, arguments for a persuasive essay should be as strong as for an argumentative one, but the conclusion of a persuasive essay is a little bit different. In the final part of your persuasive essay, you should not only summarize all arguments to strike the idea of the thesis statement once again, but should give a call to action as well. Second, the main aim of this type of writing is to persuade the readers to do or not to do something, or just to think about the topic, etc. That is why it is so important to choose the topic correctly!