50 Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative Essay Topics

Each student must have good writing skills because of the need to pass different academic assignments in a written form every day. Studying involves writing of many different task types: from reviews up to research papers. However, the king of all educational establishments is definitely an essay. Essays come of different types: argumentative, persuasive, compare and contrast, etc. A narrative essay gives a student a nice opportunity to tell a lot about his/her personal experience, favorite things and places, views on different problems, etc. Hence, a narrative essay is an interesting piece of writing to create because narrative essay topics vary at a great range.

The List of Possible Topics for a Narrative Essay

As well as any other kind of essays, the work on a narrative one will start from choosing a topic. If you have some troubles with it and don’t know which topic to pick, here are some good narrative essay topics to choose from:


  1. The most memorable day in my childhood is…
  2. My first pet
  3. My favorite hobby
  4. My favorite game
  5. My birthday.


  1. My significant other
  2. My best friend
  3. My parents
  4. My grandparents
  5. My cousins.

First Experience

  1. The first day in school
  2. The first day in college
  3. The first day at the university
  4. The first meet with your significant other
  5. The first meet with your best friend.

Modern Technologies

  1. The invention of the Internet.
  2. Spying apps for cell phones
  3. The opportunities of social networks
  4. Facebook: the history of invention
  5. My favorite browser.


  1. The techniques of coma recovery: successes and new strategies.
  2. Cancer as the most frightful modern disease: primary types and their relation to each other.
  3. How to treat cancer with holistic and non-medical treatments.
  4. How to prevent Alzheimer’s disease: possible ways.
  5. Physical degeneracy and its connection with age.


  1. The most memorable travel in my life
  2. I would like to travel to…
  3. The most interesting places to visit
  4. The best places for tourists in my country
  5. Top 5 best routes for traveling.

Student life

  1. The most challenging task for me is…
  2. The easiest task for me is…
  3. My favorite subject
  4. Why did I choose this profession?
  5. My groupmates.


  1. My favorite artist
  2. My favorite book
  3. My favorite film
  4. My favorite computer games
  5. My favorite singers

Modern problems

  1. Is it possible to stop violence in families?
  2. How to reduce the number of criminals?
  3. Is it possible to reduce military conflicts?
  4. Religion and tolerance
  5. The end of significant relationship.

What if…?

  1. If I were a celebrity.
  2. If I had a million dollars
  3. If I created cure for cancer
  4. If I were an astronaut
  5. If I were my mother/father.

By choosing one of these topics, you will be able to compose an interesting, engaging text about your personal experience in a particular field, or your own views on how to solve a certain life problem. Hence, freedom of self-expression is one of the main reasons why students like this type of essays so much.

Narrative Essay Samples

Several Recommendations to Make Your Text Better

The nicest thing in this type of essays is that topics for narrative essays can touch upon different sides of your personal life or any modern problem popular in our society. Therefore, you may tell your professor and groupmates about anything of particular interest to you. In this case, it is very easy to create such an essay. However, you should not forget about some basic principles of essay writing:

  1. Don’t forget to make an outline of your future essay before starting the writing itself. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to keep to a predetermined line of narration.
  2. Remember about the structure. As well as any other kind of essays, the narrative one should have a classical five-paragraph structure: the first paragraph to introduce the topic or idea, three body paragraphs (at least) to reveal the sense of this topic, and a conclusion to summarize what was told.
  3. Point out some specific moments. If you write a narrative essay about your personal experience, go deeper into some particular details to make your narration more interesting and vivid. In this case, readers are much more likely to appreciate the text.
  4. Be creative. Use different stylistic devices to make your text a little bit brighter.
  5. Don’t neglect revision. Although the text is dedicated to your personal experience, it doesn’t mean that a revision may be skipped. So, plan your time so that to have enough of it to revise the text before submission.

Hopefully, this list of topics and our recommendations will help you to compose a good narrative essay, even if you create it for the very first time.