50 Expository Essay Topics

Expository Essay Topics

Writing is the most challenging task for the majority of students, but it’s unavoidable. All students must compose different essays, articles, and reports every day. Therefore, they should have excellent writing skills to cope with all written assignments. One of such stumbling blocks may be an expository essay. This is an essay in which you can define some problem and explain potential ways how to solve it.

As well as any other kind of essays, an expository essay starts from choosing a topic. Good expository essay topics should meet at least two requirements: be controversial, and have a clear thesis statement to explain. So, it is quite natural that students may have some troubles with choosing a topic for this task.

Possible Topics for an Expository Essay

If you experience hardships with expository essay topics’ creation or choice, you may select one of them in the list given below:

Family Problems

  1. How to prevent child abuse?
  2. How to reduce the number of divorces?
  3. How to reduce the level of domestic violence.
  4. What to do with abusive parents?
  5. How to act if you are a witness of domestic violence in another family?
  6. The problem of children bullying.
  7. Teenagers’ suicides.
  8. How to reveal marital infidelity?
  9. The family with a single parent.
  10. The problem of children adoption abroad.


  1. Unilateralism as a direction of external policy
  2. The policy of nation building
  3. Possible ways of governmental arms control
  4. Barak Obama’s national strategy of counterterrorism
  5. The USA external policy.
  6. Donald Trump and his collaboration with Russia.
  7. The USA and the North Korea: nuclear-armed powers.
  8. How to stop military conflicts in the Middle East?
  9. Is it necessary to make taxes lower?
  10. The balance between privacy rights and national security.


  1. How to make some subjects more interesting.
  2. Education in games.
  3. How to make children be more attentive at lessons?
  4. Choosing a career: the most important choice in your life.
  5. Job and higher education: the prospectives of career development.
  6. The basis of time-management as a way to successful education.
  7. How to prevent troubles with health during your student life?
  8. Good diets for students.
  9. How to organize your materials and activities at the university?
  10. How to combine work and study?

Social Problems

  1. How to reduce the level of unemployment?
  2. How to reduce the level of crimes?
  3. What is happiness and how to measure it?
  4. Juvenile delinquency as a problem of modern society.
  5. Why women choose abusive men for marriage?
  6. How to prevent children bullying in a school?
  7. How does social media influence our lives?
  8. Racial discrimination as the oldest problem of the USA.
  9. The problem of medical insurance.
  10. Where to find a good job without a higher education degree?

Environmental Protection

  1. Greenhouse effect and deglaciation
  2. How to save different species of animals?
  3. The problem of recycling.
  4. How to reduce extraction of commercial minerals?
  5. Eating habits: vegans – people who save the animals?
  6. The Earth is our home.
  7. How to reduce deforestation?
  8. Air pollution as a cause of greenhouse effect
  9. How to find new energy sources?
  10. Environmental friendliness as a way to harmony.

All these topics will be very good for an expository essay. College expository essay topics can be found in this list as well.

How to Compose an Expository Essay?

If you already have a good topic for an expository writing piece, it is high time to use some recommendations to cope with other stages thereof successfully:

  • Choose the way of creation. It is possible to compose your expository essay with the help of such techniques as comparison and contrast, process analysis, classification, and definitions.
  • Make an outline. Don’t forget that the outline is a basis of your future text, so it is necessary to point out the main aspects of the text in it and organize them as proper writing guidance.
  • Observe the structure. As well as other kinds of essays, an expository one should have a classic five-paragraph structure with an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  • Make text more readable. To connect different parts of the text with each other, use different logical transitions; proper choice of various stylistic devices will make the text brighter.
  • Proofread it! Many students neglect proofreading, although it is an integral part of work production. Hence, try to find time to read the ready text once again before passing it to your professor.

Expository Essay Samples

By choosing a good topic for an essay and using our recommendations, you will be able to create your expository essay easily and quickly even for the very first time!