50 Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essay topics

Getting a higher education degree is always about writing. Thus, each student should have good writing skills because it will be necessary to create a great number of academic assignments in the written form. The most widespread type of such assignments is an essay. There are many types of essays: descriptive, expository, but argumentative ones are considered the most difficult because they need a specific structure and should be dedicated to highly debatable topics.

Possible Topics for an Argumentative Essay

It is not unusual that many students don’t know how to build their lines of argumentation because they need good argumentative essay topics first. However, argumentative essay topics for college may differ from the same topics for the university. Hence, if you need interesting argumentative essay topics, use any of the topics from the following list:

Parenting and Childhood

  1. Single parent struggle.
  2. The question of child abuse.
  3. The carrot and stick approach in bringing up children.
  4. Child cruelty: is it true or false?
  5. Is modern culture useful for childhood?
  6. Is it necessary to invent obligatory courses for parents?
  7. Are children of famous people happy?
  8. Pros and cons of child adoption by foreigners.
  9. Is it necessary to raise school standards for different types of children?
  10. Why is it necessary to save traditional family values?

A Healthy Way of Life

  1. Is it necessary to develop special approaches to people suffering from drug abuse?
  2. Is vegetarian diet really healthy?
  3. Pros and cons of fast food.
  4. Is it necessary to keep a diet?
  5. Is it real to make junk food healthy?
  6. Food additives: for and against.
  7. Is it necessary to legalize light drugs?
  8. Is it necessary to limit the size of sugary drinks?
  9. Is it possible to prevent teenagers from bad habits?
  10. Is it necessary to make smoking and other bad habits illegal?

Environmental Protection

  1. The problem of global warming.
  2. Is it necessary to learn ecology in school?
  3. Is it necessary to increase fines for environmental pollution?
  4. Is it real to stop environmental pollution?
  5. Should everybody travel by public transport to stop air pollution?
  6. Are electric cars really more environmental-friendly?
  7. Is it possible to reduce greenhouse effect?
  8. Should people be more responsible for environmental pollution?
  9. Is it possible to reduce air pollution by making public transport free?
  10. Is it possible to stop deforestation?

Technologies and Media

  1. Negative effects of television.
  2. Does the Internet addiction really exist?
  3. Are computer games useful for children or not?
  4. Is it necessary to track your children’s activity with the help of special apps?
  5. Is it ethical to spy on your significant others?
  6. Is it necessary to pay attention for accounts of a person looking for a job?
  7. Is it possible to lose a job due to “strange” posts in your “Facebook?”
  8. Is it necessary to have accounts in all possible social networks?
  9. Do social networks violate our privacy rights?
  10. Do social networks really help to define what a person you are?

Other Interesting Topics for Argumentative Essays

  1. Is it possible to decrease the number of military conflicts?
  2. Is it necessary to get higher education immediately after school?
  3. Pros and cons of atheism.
  4. Pros and cons of religion.
  5. Why is it important to be a politically active citizen?
  6. Is TV still popular or not?
  7. Are women’s rights really equal to men’s ones now?
  8. Is it possible to reduce the number of criminals?
  9. Is it possible to buy happiness for money?
  10. Is it necessary to stop animal testing?

While choosing a topic for the future argumentative essay, keep in mind that your choice should be very disputable and rather controversial because it should divide the readers into two camps at least. Moreover, to create a good argumentative essay, you should have a very strong position concerning a particular issue. In this case, you will be able to collect at least three strong arguments to support it. Otherwise, your essay will not look really argumentative and persuasive. Given these conditions for successful essay writing, the phase of choosing a topic is the most difficult. A bad topic may spoil the entire work.

Argumentative Essay Samples

Hence, if you have some troubles with topics, use any of the above-mentioned options from the list. Each of them is controversial and good for a detailed discussion. That is why it will be rather simple to define your own position clearly and find good supporting arguments. Just remember that you should use only strong arguments to have a power of persuasion; if you have it, creating a good argumentative essay won’t be much of a problem.