100 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and contrast essay topics

Students must compose different essays every day, so everyone should possess good writing skills to stay afloat and progress through studies smoothly. It is important to mention that there are many different types of written assignments, but the most popular and common one is an essay due to its short size. Essays can be of different kinds as well: descriptive, persuasive, etc. Compare and contrast essays are considered the simplest ones because compare and contrast essay topics imply the presence of two similar but at the same time different things. Hence, it is very simple to find good compare and contrast essay topics.

Possible Topics for Compare and Contrast Essays

If you have some troubles with finding or choosing easy compare and contrast essay topics, take one of them from the following list:


  1. Picasso painting vs. Dali painting
  2. Ancient Greek architecture vs. architecture of the Roman Empire
  3. Superman vs. Batman
  4. Avengers vs. X-men
  5. Justice League vs. Avengers
  6. Soap operas vs. Arthouse cinema
  7. The Montagues vs. the Capulets
  8. Hollywood vs. Bollywood
  9. Poetry vs. Prose
  10. Marvel vs. DC

Economic Giants

  1. China vs. India
  2. Russia vs. the USA
  3. North Korea vs. the USA
  4. The USA vs. Japan
  5. Asia vs. Europe
  6. The USSR vs. The USA
  7. Britain vs. European Union
  8. The European Union vs. the USA
  9. Japan vs. China
  10. Japan vs. Russia.

Men and Women

  1. Boys vs. Girls
  2. Feminism vs. Sexism
  3. Managers vs. Ordinary employees
  4. Brad Pitt vs. Angelina Jolie
  5. Order vs. Chaos
  6. Brutality vs. Femininity
  7. Businessmen vs. Businesswomen
  8. Businessmen vs. Housewives
  9. Brothers vs. Sisters
  10. Mothers vs. Fathers
  11. Husbands vs. Wives.


  1. Late Ottoman Empire vs. Christian Europe
  2. Capitalism vs. Communism
  3. Communism vs. Imperialism
  4. Trump vs. Putin
  5. Police vs. Criminals
  6. Militarists vs. Pacifists
  7. Government vs. Citizens
  8. Casinos vs. Government
  9. Pirates vs. Sailormen
  10. Soldiers vs. Civilians.


  1. Pop music vs. Rock
  2. Classic music vs. Rap
  3. Instrumental music vs. Techno
  4. The Rolling Stones vs. The Beatles
  5. Blues vs. Modern pop music
  6. Classic music vs. Pop
  7. Rock vs. Classic music
  8. Rap vs. Rock
  9. Jazz vs. Pop
  10. Pop vs. Techno.


  1. Christianity vs. Buddhism
  2. Atheism vs. Paganism
  3. The Holy Inquisition vs. Witches
  4. Religion (any) vs. Atheism
  5. Physics vs. Religion
  6. Psychology vs. Religion
  7. Islam vs. Christianity
  8. Christianity vs. Judaism
  9. Christianity vs. Paganism
  10. Paganism vs. Islam.

The Way of Life

  1. Quality vs. quantity
  2. Medicine vs. Folk medicine
  3. Automobilists vs. Pedestrians
  4. Bikers vs. Automobilists
  5. Tolerance vs. Stirring
  6. Healthy lifestyle vs. Alcoholism
  7. Humanism vs. Slavery
  8. Virtual reality vs. Real life
  9. Tenderness vs. Cruelty
  10. Child-free people vs. Families with children.


  1. Vegetarianism vs. Meat-and-dairy diet
  2. Fast food vs. Vegetarianism
  3. Vegetarianism vs. Mediterranean diet
  4. McDonald’s vs. Burger King
  5. Burger King vs. KFC
  6. Vegan diet vs. Meat-and-dairy diet
  7. Mediterranean diet vs. Fast food
  8. KFC vs. McDonald’s
  9. French cuisine vs. Japanese cuisine
  10. Fast food vs. Healthy food.
Digital Technologiesol>
  • Canon vs. Nikon
  • Android vs. Apple
  • Windows vs. Linux
  • Photography vs. Video
  • Luddites vs. Scientific and technical revolution
  • Digital photos vs. Printed photos
  • Printed books vs. Electronic books
  • Twitter vs. Facebook
  • Facebook vs. Tinder
  • The Anonymous vs. Ordinary programmers.
  • Psychologyol>
  • Persons with mental disorders vs. Healthy people
  • Humanism vs. Slavery
  • Philosophers vs. Materialists
  • Individuality vs. Ruck
  • Intellectuals vs. Working Class
  • Stereotypes vs. Free-thinking
  • Humanism vs. Slavery
  • Defense vs. Offense
  • Old people vs. Youngsters
  • Pupils vs. Teachers.
  • Compare and Contrast Essay Samples

    You may choose one of the issues from the list given above or think out something by yourself. Just remember that the topics for this kind of essay should contain at least two subjects that can be compared and contrasted with each other. Make sure that both subjects of the chosen issue can be highlighted in a meaningful way. It means that your compare and contrast text must show to the readers why it can be interesting or helpful to put these two subjects together. By making such kind of investigation, you may find different bonds between two contrasted subjects that were not obvious to you from the first sight. So, such type of written papers also helps to develop your creativity, constructive thinking, and analytical ability. You also receive an opportunity to express your own opinion about one or another subject and find out how many like-minded people or opponents you have on this very point of view. Hence, such a text may become a way to change your own mind.